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Bradford Preparatory School

Farah Borno » Farah Borno, 3rd Grade Teacher

Farah Borno, 3rd Grade Teacher

Farah Borno graduated from UNC-Charlotte in 2011 with a B.A. in Elementary Education with concentrations in Math, Science, and Technology. She is licensed in grades K-9 and middle grades math. This is her first year teaching third grade at Bradford. She is passionate about teaching her students and building connections to have a love for learning. 

Farah is the youngest of four girls. Both of her parents and eldest sister are engineers, one sister is a doctor of pharmacy, and one is a doctor of internal medicine. Farah grew up playing soccer and the violin. She loves the beach, learning new things, exercising, reading, and experiencing new things, activities, and places. She also enjoys photography and crafts. With a love for travel, Farah speaks two languages fluently, is learning a third, and is eager to learn others.