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Bradford Preparatory School

Dawn Mizera » Dawn Mizera, 6th Grade Math Teacher

Dawn Mizera, 6th Grade Math Teacher

Dawn graduated from UNCC in 1999 with an Elementary Education Degree and Teaching Certificate.  She taught for Cabarrus County Schools for twelve years; seven in third grade, four in first grade, and one in second.  Dawn loves her younger students, but is so excited and ready to go a little older and teach sixth grade math at Bradford Prep beginning in the 2018-19 school year.  Dawn truly loves being a teacher and likes to share her passion for learning with her students.  She lives with her husband John and five children in Concord.  They have three cute dogs, a grumpy cat, and an adorable horse.  

Recent Posts

Recipe Project

Here is the information for the Recipe Project.  This is for first, second, fourth, and fifth periods only.  It is due December 10th.  Friday, November 30th, will be a work day.  

No Homework for the week of 10/1 for Mizera Math

Due to the fun times at Windy Gap, and then just two other days of school, there will be no homework this week.  Have a great fall break!  

Mizera Math Class

We are currently working on prime factorization.  Ask your student about the Sieve of Eratosthenes (Er-uh-tos-the-knees) and how we now have a list of the  prime numbers to 100.   Next we are working on exponents, and then we will have a short quiz.  So far, our Springboard Math Curriculum is engaging, using real world problems that we solve.  Homework should be short and sweet, no more than 15 minutes, so if your child is spending more than that, please e-mail me so we can chat about it.  Do Math! 

Math Classes

Hello Parents!
Math is going very well so far in sixth grade!  Next week we will be finishing Activity One (Each Activity is like a Unit, it has lessons in it.) and working on our Assessment called "For the Birds".  Your child has already seen the assessment, so the grade will be on class participation, and completing the work.  Questions?  Please e-mail me!