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Bradford Preparatory School

Dawn Mizera, 5th Grade Math Teacher

Dawn graduated from UNCC in 1999 with an Elementary Education Degree and Teaching Certificate.  She taught for Cabarrus County Schools for twelve years before coming to Bradford for the 2018-19 year.  Dawn truly loves being a teacher and likes to share her passion for learning with her students.  She lives with her husband John and five children in Concord, two of which are in college.  They have two adorable dogs and a grumpy cat.  Dawn enjoys photography, puppies, and sitting on the porch in the backyard.   Teaching License Status:  Standard Professional.


6th Grade-Workbook

This is a sixth grade workbook from Edmentum.  It has lots of sixth grade concepts in math (perfect for those students that used SpringBoard in Fifth Grade) and even some reading and writing for those that want to get ahead!  Answers are included.  
E-mail me with any questions.  Thank you!

5th Grade-Workbook

I found this excellent workbook for summer work for fifth grade.  It covers math concepts, but also reading and writing! Answers are included. E-mail me with any questions! 

Hi Everyone - thinking of you.

Hi Parents and sweet students.  I hope everyone is well and safe.  If you don't mind - I have a quick note just for the students.  Here it is - 
I REALLY miss you! 
I miss seeing your face and laughing with you and doing math, it's a fun part of life!  All the fifth grade teachers (all Bradford Teachers for that matter) are working really hard to create a way to do online learning.  We are taking classes and practicing and learning how to use "Zoom" so we can have an online class time - it's a lot of work!  But I cannot WAIT to see all of your smiling faces and hear your adventures.  You can always e-mail me if you feel like it.  I've had a couple of e-mails already.
In the meantime - check out these live camera feeds from different animals.  You know I love furry creatures so see what these creatures are up to and write me about it!  Maybe you can count how many times they do certain movements and put it into a graph.  (A graph?? No way!  That would actually be doing MATH!). Try it, you might like it!
Watch for e-mails from Bradford so we can do online learning together soon.  
Love, Ms. Mizera


Hello Everyone!

  I hope that you are doing well.  I wanted to share some online resources that you can check out for your child if you would like.  There are many companies offering their services for free during this time of school closures.

Resources for Math

*Ascend Math
*Curriculum Associates โ€“ printable packets


*eSpark Learning

*Eureka Math resources

*Explore Learning Gizmos โ€“ math & science simulations


*Khan Academy โ€“ math instructional videos

*Legends of Learning โ€“ math & science games

*Math Playground

*Math Viking

*MobyMax โ€“ online lessons that claim to โ€œfind and fix learning gapsโ€. It
*Prodigy Math

*Reflex Math โ€“ great for math fact fluency

*Scholastic Learn at Home resources

*SFUSD Math resources


*Xtramath โ€“ site for practicing math facts

*Zearn โ€“ math lessons & resources


Please let me know how else I can help you.  Thinking of you all!


Math Olympiad Info!

Mathletes - thank you for all of your time and energy!  It has been SO fun!  I'm keeping to the calendar (even though I thought we had a meeting next week the 18th, we actually DO NOT - sorry) so our next meeting is March 25th.  At that time we will go over the contest we did today (the LAST official one).  Then on April 1st, we will have a FUN meeting with doughnuts and juice and a Kahoot game.  Come and have some fun!  We have worked HARD!  <3    

Flashlight Walk on the Beach

The Wilmington Trip was SO amazing.  We had a great time and it was quite educational as well!  My favorite part (even though I initially didn't want to do it) was the ghost crab walk on the beach on Monday night.  The sound of the waves and the big, bright moon partially covered by moving clouds was mesmerizing.  Pair that with excited fifth graders who are looking for treasures and finding much happiness in their findings - and you have a perfect field trip night.  That is where I took the picture, and it's my favorite.  If you haven't seen all the pictures on remind, look through them!  There's a lot of good stuff on there!  Thanks for all of your support.  

5th Syllabus Mizera2

This is the most updated version of my syllabus.  Office hours are located at the very end.  
If you are interested in Math Olympiad, please watch for information in the next few weeks!