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Valerie Roundtree » Valerie Roundtree, 5th Grade Math and English/Language Arts Teacher

Valerie Roundtree, 5th Grade Math and English/Language Arts Teacher

Valerie A. Roundtree graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in English from UNC Charlotte in 1992. She received her Masters in Education (curriculum and instruction) in 2009. This is Mrs. Roundtree's first year at Bradford. She is no stranger to the classroom and has taught various lower and middle school grades and subjects for nineteen years. This year, her role at Bradford will be 5th Grade math and science teacher. Mrs. Roundtree loves what she does and does what she loves. She has lived in Cabarrus County with her family for sixteen years. Mrs. Roundtree enjoys living, laughing and loving on her family and people who have been placed in her path. If you are not careful, she may cook for you and have you eating out of the palm of her hand.


Recent Posts

Welcome Back!

I hope that your winter break has been restful and relaxing. We are looking forward to seeing you. Look at what we have planned for you!
Partial Quotients Division 
English / Language Arts
Wordly Wise Vocabulary
Main Ideas and Subtopics 
Non-fiction (narratives) 

Upcoming Field Trip

Fifth Grade has field trip scheduled shortly after out return from Winter Break. The information and field trip forms were provided through SANGHA by Mrs. Waters. Please make sure to complete the permission slip prior to leaving for Winter Break. We do need an accurate head count before leaving. Thanks for all that you do!

December 17 - 20

Math - Students will complete calculations using PEMDAS
           Students will also concentrate on division facts and processes 
ELA - Students will continue with the non-fiction short story on Sequoya
          Students will concentrate on perfecting sentence structure, subject-verb,            and usage of different word forms and definitions.


Our team really enjoyed meeting the parents and allowing the students to give their feedback regarding the school year. Let's keep the momentum going by continuing to communicate with each other (parents, students, and teachers)! Thanks for all you do, and let's make this year the best one yet!

Parent - Teacher Conferences

The schedule for the parent/teacher conferences has been posted. Please go through the SANGHA app and click on the conference date and the calendar to schedule. It will not allow you to schedule through my regular website; you must go through SANGHA.
Thanks and I look forward to meeting with you.

Service Day

Yeah! Tomorrow is a SERVICE DAY, and WE GET TO SERVE! Fifth Grade will be making sandwiches for those in need. How cool is that? Please remember to wear your house shirts and listen carefully to all of the important directions.

This Week in Math and Science

  • Math - Explorations in multiplication with standard algorithms and partial products algorithms with explorations in graphing and charting
  • Science - Matter Chatter - Explorations of the properties of matter

Ecosystem Assessment Rescheduled

Our review of the ecosystem was cut short, and therefore the assessment has been rescheduled. Most students will be attending Windy Gap on Monday and Tuesday. We will conclude the ecosystem review on Wednesday and have the assessment on Thursday. 

Midweek Update 9/26/2018

The students are doing a great job with multiples, factoring pairs and prime factorization. Please encourage them to keep up the good work!
Progress reports for 5th grade will not be released at this time, and grades in PowerSchool should be published by the end of the week.
I have been notified that my emails are "bouncing back."  I am investigating at this point to see what the problem may be. 
Thanks for all that you do and are doing for our students!

The Week of September 24th - 28th

  • This will be a week of wrap ups and new beginnings. We will bring the ecosystem to a close by reviewing a massive amount of information and taking an assessment on 09/28/2018.
  • Math classes will have a review on 09/24. The math assessment on place value and estimation will be given on 09/25. 
  • Please do not panic. The students are prepare and will do what they know to do. The homework that is sent this week will be review work for upcoming processes.
  • Students will continue with factors and multiples while adding in multi-digit multiplication. 
  • I am very proud of the progress that is being made by the students; please encourage your student to try their best to be their best everyday!

Weekly Learning and Assessments

We are working with factors and multiples. The students are learning how factors and multiples are simple but will prepare them for FRACTIONS!
We are also wrapping up our studies with the ECOSYSTEMS. The students have made great progress and will have an assessment on 09/28/2018.

This Week at a Glance...

Math - Place Value
            Multiples and Factors
Science - Ecosystems
                Food Chains
Math Homework - Tues and Thursday only... this information is listed in the student planners
Science Homework - None. Yeah!!!

Middle School Windy Gap Retreat

Windy Gap 5 & 6th Grade Fall Retreat


The Fall Retreat is nearly here! Grades 5 and 6 will be going to Windy Gap on October 1st-2nd. 

It is an excellent, exciting, and rewarding time for both students and teachers. We all get to know one another on a more personal level and we get to see one another in a fun and exciting environment.  Windy Gap is truly a treat.!


On the site, you can find permission forms, ways to pay, and ways to chaperone.


Please check Bradford's website: 

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