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Heather Nash » Heather Nash, 6th Grade EC Teacher

Heather Nash, 6th Grade EC Teacher

Heather Nash graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education from UNC Greensboro in 2009. She taught 8 years of Special Education in high schools in Union and Mecklenburg counties and 1 year of Biology in Mecklenburg County. This is her first year at Bradford. She will be teaching EC in the middle school and working as an EC lead teacher.  Heather lives in Monroe with her boyfriend Jon, their dog Izzie, and their cat Layla! She enjoys reading, binge watching new shows on Netflix, cooking, and spending time with her family!! 

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Weekly homework is due tomorrow (12/07).
Also, make sure your child is working on iStation Reading, iStation Math, and/or relfex at home! These are really helpful in providing extra support and instruction in areas of difficulty/struggle.  

Weekly Homework

Both Miss Nash's ELA and Math class got their weekly homework packet today.  All homework should be completed and turned in by Friday! :) 

Weekly Update 11/19

This week in:
ELA: We will continue working on the rough drafts for paper 1 of the SS project.
Math: We will learn/use the CUBES strategy to help us identify information and solve word problems.  Tuesday we will use cubes to help us make slime!
Learning Lab:  We will on the rough drafts for paper 1 of the SS project, study for the Science test, and practice our reasoning/comprehension skills with logic puzzles and Brain Games.

Weekly Update - 11/14

Been a crazy week in Miss Nash's room... No school Monday, Miss Nash out sick on Tuesday, Miss Nash out for a conference on Thursday and Friday.  
In ELA we are working on the first paper for the SS project.  In Math we are wrapping up decimal operations.  

2nd Quarter Updates

A quick update for each class for 2nd quarter!!
* In ELA we are going to begin having guided reading groups/stations.  Students will work on skills in small groups, work on istation interventions and comprehension skills in small groups.  Students will be given weekly homework packets on their instructional level to help support their comprehension skills.  
* In Math we are going to speed up a little bit.  Students will have more homework to reinforce skills worked on in class.  
* In Learning Lab we are going to start working on the 9/11 project for SS.  We will also be spending some time on Istation/Read Theory/ Reflex math to help support skills in content area classes.  

Check E-mail

Log-in information (for students who have Miss Nash for ELA or Math) for IStation, ReadTheory, and Reflex Math was e-mailed out this morning.  Please encourage your child to spend 15-20 minutes each day working on math and 15-20 minutes each day working on reading.

Weekly Update from Miss Nash

This week in ELA - we worked some more on growth mindset by completing some reading comprehension passages and summarizing with some posters.  
This week in Math - we continued dividing whole numbers.

Math Quiz - MONDAY

Division of whole numbers quiz has been moved to Monday! Please study/practice!!

Math Homework 10/17/2018

Math homework for Miss Nash's class is question 15 (all 3 parts).  

NC Check-ins

Please check the calendar (and the list below) for the dates for the 6th grade NC Check-In testing.

Monday, Oct. 15th   Grades 4-6  ELA 

Wednesday, Oct. 17th    Grades   5th & 6th  Math

Monday, Oct. 22nd    Make-ups  

Math Quiz Friday (09/28)

Math Homework 09/20/2018

These 5 problems were math homework today!
1) 1.2 x 2.3
2) 1.4 x 2.6
3) 1.34 x 2.69
4) 0.46 x 3.2
5) 3.2 x 1.6
Please remind the students to use the algorithm we learned!
Step 1: Stack the numbers vertically and be sure to align the decimals.
Step 2: Add 0s at the end (if needed)
Step 3: Multiply (start at the right and work towards the left)
Step 4: The number of decimal places in both factors should equal the number of decimal places in the product.


Grades are updated in PowerSchool!  Please note the "missing work" flags on your child's grade.  Students will be attending working lunch on Friday to make up these assignments!

Homework 09/12/2018

1st Period - ELA - Questions for "Mayan Questions" article
2nd period - Math - Page 10 numbers 12-14