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Kathleen Wodzenski graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Professional Writing from the University of South Florida and received her Master's degree in Literacy (Reading Specialist) and Elementary Education from Long Island University. She taught elementary through middle school; in CMS, The Catholic  Diocese of Charlotte and Langtree Charter Academy. Kathleen came to Bradford in February 2019 and taught American and English Literature in the upper school. She is currently a middle school ELA teacher.  Teacher License Status: Standard Professional. Kathleen lives in North Charlotte with her husband Alan, and her cat (Kitty).  She enjoys writing, movies, traveling, reading, and spending time with her husband and immediate family, which includes her nephew, (Michael) sister, (Jennifer) and mother (Joyce).

Office Hours are on Thursday mornings from 7:25-8:10 AM.



Happy Summer to my Rising Fifth Graders!

Over the Summer vacation, please continue to use ScootPad to practice and refine your reading skills...…...  


I recommend that you log on once a week for an hour.



  1. Click this link for Scootpad
  2. Find your former Homeroom teacher’s name on the right had side of the page. Click on your homeroom teacher’s name, then find your name.  Hit “Click to Sign In” under your name.
  3.  Enter your password:  scoot123. (Unless you already have a Scootpad account.      ( If you already have an account, your password has not changed)  This will log you into the program.
Click the Launch button.  If you already know how to log on, the link is on my page. So click and go.
Have a healthy and fun Summer!  I'll see you back in the Fall!  (:

Distance Learning Reflections

Hello Everyone, 
We are half way through our first week of distance learning, so I want to give a shout out to all of my students & their families.  I can not fully express the love that I feel for all of you and I can't wait until we are all together again.  With that being said, I want to say that your children are doing an amazing job, considering that they have been thrust into another reality of school and learning.   I am so PROUD of all of them and I look forward to our live sessions everyday.   I miss you all so much! We will get through this and in a way, I feel that these uncertain times has brought us closer as a school and a family. 
As you know, we are exclusively using Canvas so you can link up to that platform right here from my website.
Stay healthy and stay safe out there!  

Week of March 16th

Hello,  everyone! What a week we all had! The Field Trip was a huge success and we finished Unit 4. 
FYI: Two handouts were sent out at the end of the day:  
1) The first handout was about Accessing Amplify CKLA Resource site to support students with e-books, audio books, knowledge builders etc. 
2)The second handout was information on how to get unlimited access to your child's Istation at home.
Snapshot of Next Week: 
MOY Assessments
Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Week of March 9th

Hello and Good Evening!
Today Progress Reports went home with your children (these are not final scores).  
Don't forget to Spring Ahead this weekend.... It's Daylight Savings Time.
As you know, we have an exciting, fun week ahead of us, this week.
Monday/Tuesday: 5th Grade Field Trip To Wilmington, NC!  
Snapshot of Next Week:
Wednesday/Thursday: Wrap up of & Review of Unit 4: The Adventures of Don Quixote
Friday: End of Unit Test
Have an Awesome Weekend/Week!

New! Chess Club at Bradford Prep!

Bradford is offering a chess club for grades 2-6!  As of right now, we can only have 24 students, unless we have some additional parents who are willing to volunteer as support. 

(If you're interested in volunteering to help with chess club one day a week--please email Mrs. Waters:


Sign up will be open through March 12th.  First day of chess club will be Thursday March 19th


Week of March 2nd

Hello everyone, I hope we have a great week ahead!
Progress Reports will be going out this week!
Snapshot for the Week:
Reading:  The Adventures of Don Quixote
Examining word choice & writing style
Comparing and Contrasting Character Traits
Providing textual evidence to support opinion
ORE Opinion/Reason/Evidence
Drafting the Persuasive Essay
Forming complete sentences with the present tense of the verb
Proper Subject Verb Agreement
Forming complete sentences with the root word (VAC) 
Continue to Practice targeted words:

o Adventure          

o Armor                  

o Courage                

o Disguise                

o Enchanted           

o Imagination         

o Knighthood          

o Nonsense             

o Ordinary  

o Squire            


Week of February 24th /Last Week in February!

Wow! Time is flying, I hope the weather is more cooperative this week!
Snapshot of the Week:
We are continuing to read the adventures of Don Quixote 
Reading focus:
*How figurative language affects the text in the story
*Identifying and discussing plot details
*Writing present tense sentences
*Identifying the structure and parts of a persuasive essay
*Opinions and supporting evidence
Have a great week!

Week of February 17th

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my students and families out there!
A special thanks to all of you who sent valentines to me, it was so thoughtful.  I also want to add, that it was so, so sweet (get the pun?)!
Snapshot of the Week:
Poetry Wrap Up for Unit 3
Analysis of a poem & Writing Assignment 
Unit 4: Adventures of Don Quixote
Introduction: Introduce the chapters
Identifying the beginning stages of the story's plot structure
We will make inferences regarding a character's personality
Grammar: Noun Subject-Action Verb Agreement
Morphology: Suffix: ness
Writing: Distinguish between fact and opinion
*I am still accepting any late poems, please make sure that you hand in any missing work this week!
Looking forward to an awesome week ahead! 

Week of February 10-14

Snapshot of the Week:
We will:
Define and identify implied metaphors in poems
Revise previously written metaphors and incorporate them into our own poem
Identify allusions and discuss their effect on a poem
Analyze a character's actions and poem's setting
Create original list poems
Peer edit poems
Read our original poems aloud
Featured Poets:
Dan Gerber
Simon Ortiz
Elizabeth Bishop
Reminder:  There is no school on Friday and Monday
Friday is a Teacher Workday and Monday is President's Day
As you know, we had an eventful week!  I am so  proud of my students for the way they behaved last Thursday.  
I also want to add that this grade  has some talented poets!  I am having a great time with them in class.
Have a great weekend!

Week of February 3rd

Snapshot of the Week:
Identifying, analyzing different rhyme schemes in poetry
Writing an original rhyming poem
Summarizing a poem's overall message
Analyzing how the use of figurative language affects a poem's meaning
Creating similes and metaphors describing the movements of animals
Define and identify implied metaphors 
Featured Poets:
Robert Frost
Emily Dickinson
Dan Gerber

Week of January 27th

Snapshot of the Week:
*Reading and writing poems with the poetic device, Anaphora
*Examining figurative language in poetry/how it affects a poem's meaning
*Identifying and labeling different rhyme schemes in poetry
*Writing and sharing original rhyming poems
*Summarizing a poem's overall message
Featured Poets:
Walt Whitman
Marie Howe
Naomi Shihab Nye
Robert Frost
Have an awesome week!

Week of January 20th

Hello there! 
It was nice to talk to most of you at the Parent Conferences this week.  I was so impressed with the goals set by our scholars for the rest of the school year.
Snapshot for the Remainder of the Week:
Introduction to Poetry Continues 
Apostrophe poem
Composing an Apostrophe poem
Exploring tone in poetry
Introduction to Anaphora 
Featured Poets:
Denise Levertov
William Carlos Williams
Kenneth Koch
Walt Whitman
Have a great rest of the week!

Week of January 13th

Hello, here is the snapshot for next week:
Wrap up/Review Unit 2
Unit 2 Tests
Reading Comprehension (Maya, Aztec and Inca Civilizations)
Grammar (Subject/predicate, linking/action verbs) 
Morphology (Prefixes il, ir and inter) (Root word tract)
Unit 3: introduction to poetry!
Have an awesome week!

Welcome Back! (Week of January 6th)

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

To the Fabulous Fifth Grade Parents, I want to thank you all for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts!  I feel very blessed to have your children as my students.

The Snapshot for the Week is:

·        Developing, drafting, editing, and revising an explanatory paragraph

·        Determining main idea, summarizing and/or comparing and contrasting key ideas while providing textual evidence/Reading

·        Practicing with words and phrases that compare/contrast

·        Understanding and using action and linking verbs

·        Reviewing/Using Prefixes in sentences (INTER)

·        Understanding and practicing with the root word (TRACT)

·        Spelling list drills

Week of December 16th

…  The Winter Break is almost here!
Snapshot of Next Week: 
Codex Paragraph (Taking notes/start draft of Explanatory Paragraph)
Grammar: Words that Compare or Contrast 
Morphology: Introduce Prefix inter
Spelling: Introduce Spelling Words
Reminder: Friday is a half day and The Rise of Skywalker is out in theaters!
I'm looking forward to a wonderful week!