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Bradford Preparatory School

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Kindergarten - 4th Grade Uniform Guidelines

Grade Level

Monday – Thursday

Fridays Only

Grades K-4


·    Navy, Light Blue or Hunter Green polo shirt

·   Any solid color long sleeve shirt may be worn under a polo shirt



Bradford Prep Spiritwear Shirt, Bradford Sweatshirt (hoodies included),  House shirt or Uniform Shirt with any pants, skirt (fingertip length) or shorts that are at least fist length and have a minimum of a 5” inseam.


*Students will have free dress on all Early Dismissal Fridays (Dress Code Requirements apply – check website for details)


·    Navy or Khaki Pants (cargo pants included)

·    Navy or Khaki Shorts with a 5” minimum inseam and hem at minimum of fist length when arms are resting at side

·    No yoga pants or pajama pants

·    Leggings may only be worn under a skirt that is at minimum fingertip length.

·    Navy or Khaki Skirt – minimum of fingertip length when arms are resting at side. Leggings or Modesty shorts must be worn underneath


·     Solid navy blue polo dresses from any retailer

Jackets/ Outerwear

·    Solid navy blue or gray button up or zip sweater or jacket.  Full Zip or ¾ Zip is acceptable.Navy or Gray Bradford hoodies can be worn in the classroom. Other sweatshirts can be worn at PE, recess and lunch.


·    No flip flops or slides.  Students must have athletic shoes for PE every day.


·    No hats or headbands with items protruding from head