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Bradford Preparatory School

7th - 8th Grade Uniform Guidelines

Grade Level

Monday – Thursday

Fridays Only

Grades 7-8


·    Navy, Light Blue or Hunter Green polo shirt

·     Light Blue Oxford from Lands’ End

House shirts with any pants, skirt or shorts that are at least fist length and have a minimum of a 5” inseam


·    Navy or Khaki Pants (cargo pants included)

·    Navy or Khaki Shorts with a 5” minimum inseam and hem at minimum of fist length when arms are resting at side

·    No yoga pants or pajama pants

·    Leggings may only be worn under a skirt that is at minimum fingertip length.

·     Navy or Khaki Skirt – minimum of fingertip length when arms are resting at side. Leggings or Modesty shorts must be worn underneath

Jackets/ Outerwear

·     Solid navy blue button up or zip sweater or jacket without a hood.  Full Zip or 1/4 zip is acceptable. No hoodies or sweatshirts may be worn in the building.  Sweatshirts and jackets may be worn at PE, outdoor lunch and recess.


·     Students must have athletic shoes for PE every day.  Any shoes (including flip flops and slides) may be worn in class.


·     No hats toboggans, beanies, bandanas or headbands with items protruding from head

PE Uniform

·     Any Bradford Prep printed shirt or Bradford Prep sweatshirt with any color athletic shorts or pants (no leggings) that have a minimum of a 4” inseam and no writing across the backside.  Socks and Athletic Shoes required.