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Bradford Preparatory School

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Uniform and Dress Code Violations

Consequences for violating the BPS Uniform and Dress Code Policies

Failure to comply with the School’s uniform policy and/or dress code are violations of the Student Code of Conduct. 


Please see Student Code of Conduct section in the handbook for full list of consequences; however, the following are specific to violations of dress code only:


  • Any student out of uniform/dress code will be sent to the office to contact a parent/guardian to bring in appropriate clothing. The student will not be allowed to return to class until he/she is in dress code.
  • All violations of the dress code are Class I violations and will be logged and tracked by staff.
  • Upon the second uniform violation, the student will receive a write-up for not following school rules. Please see the Student Code of Conduct for the consequences of the receiving write-ups.
  • Should a student continue to violate the dress code policy, more severe consequences will be imposed, as per the Student Code of Conduct.