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Bradford Preparatory School

Parking on Campus

Upper School students are eligible to park on campus provided they have a parking pass and meet the following guidelines, however it should be noted that parking on campus is primarily a Senior privilege.  As spots are available beyond the needs for the senior class, they will be made available to Juniors.


For the 2018-2019 School Year, parking passes will be available on a first come first serve basis to those that are eligible and choose to drive to school.  Parking Passes will be given out on the following days until they are gone. For the 2018-2019 school year, we have 25 spots available for Upper School students to park in.  Parking Passes are given out on a first come, first serve basis to eligible students.


Seniors Only: August 15th at 10AM in the Main Office

Juniors and Seniors: August 16th at 10AM in the Main Office

**If the student will be out of town on the day parking passes are given out, they may have a designated person come on their behalf to pick up a parking pass but they must come with all of the paperwork required as well as payment.


Please Note:  Students will only be able to attain a parking spot if they bring all of their completed paperwork to the school on the date designated above and meet the following guidelines:


  1. Student must be making adequate academic progress (passing at least 70% of the maximum of possible courses each semester and meet promotion standards established by the School).
  2. Any out of school suspensions, multiple violations of the Honor Code or Student Behavior Code or outstanding financial obligations may result in immediate loss of driving privileges for the remainder of the semester.  Driving to school/parking pass privileges may be revoked for more than a semester if deemed necessary in the sole discretion of the Bradford Prep administration.
Please bring the following paperwork with you when you come to request a parking spot:
    1. A copy of proof of insurance for the car or cars they will use while parking on campus.
    2. A copy of the student’s driver’s license
    3. Parking Permit Request Form (can be downloaded below)
    4. $50 for an annual parking pass. Please note that parking pass fees are nonrefundable and non-transferable and that there is a $10 charge to replace a lost pass.
    5. Parking passes will not be given to any student who has an outstanding financial obligation
Students who park on school grounds or at Freedom House Church without a valid parking permit will face disciplinary consequences.
      1. 1st offense: 1 day after school detention assigned and $10 daily parking fee
      2. 2nd offense: 2 days after school detention assigned and $10 daily parking fee
      3. 3rd offense: suspension until a parent conference is held
In addition your car may be towed.