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Bradford Preparatory School

Student Driver Guidelines

Please Note: Parking at Bradford Prep is not a right but rather a privilege and choice. To protect the health and safety of all our students and staff, student vehicles parked on school property are subject to search by any authorized school personnel or law enforcement agencies when there is a reasonable suspicion that a student may be in violation of school policy or law.


Student drivers must adhere to the following policies:

  • Student drivers must observe all North Carolina General Statutes and all Bradford driving rules, this includes obeying all traffic laws, signs and noise ordinances, not speeding or making excessive noise by spinning wheels or playing loud music.
  • For student drivers under 18 years of age, all state laws shall be followed, including those laws addressing the number of underage students and passengers allowed per driver.  And, student drivers under 18 are not to use a device (i.e. cell phones, tablets, GPS Nav systems, iPod/device sound systems) while the car is in motion.
  • Student drivers are not allowed to sit in their vehicles during the school day. Written permission from the Office must be obtained to enter their vehicles during the day to retrieve forgotten items.
  • Student drivers must notify the administration immediately if they are involved in an accident on school grounds. This includes any minor damage to another vehicle.
  • Student drivers must park in their designated space.
  • Students and their parents are specifically reminded to be vigilant regarding the contents of their vehicles when they are on school property. The student driver shall not keep illegal, dangerous, or inappropriate items in the vehicle.  These include but are not limited to alcoholic beverages, drugs, tobacco products, or weapons. NC law prohibits and deals harshly with weapons and illegal substances in vehicles on school property.
  • Passengers in vehicles should adhere to seat belt laws at all times on school property.
  • Careless or reckless driving may result in suspension of campus driving privileges.
  • The student driver will remain conscious of their presence on a family-oriented campus. Driving habits should demonstrate defensive driving techniques and extreme caution.