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Bradford Preparatory School

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Reopening FAQ's

  1. What is Bradford's plan for reopening on August 17th? We will be opening under Plan B, which is 50% capacity with the option of full remote learning for students. For Plan B our K-5 students will be on campus everyday and grades 6-12 will be on campus two days a week. Read the full reopening plan here. 
  2. Does Bradford Prep follow what CMS is doing for reopening? No, we are our own district and we make our own decisions about things like school calendar and reopening plans. 
  3. Will Bradford ever have to go into full remote learning again? If the Governor puts all public schools into full remote learning again, then Bradford would be full remote. The Board of Directors will follow the orders of the governor. 
  4. Can I put my child into full remote learning after school starts? Yes at any point in time this school year you can choose to put your child into full remote learning. You must email Kelly Painter at [email protected] to move your child to full remote learning. 
  5. How long do I have to commit to full remote learning? Grades K-8 will have to commit for the first quarter which ends October 9th and grades 9-12 will have to commit to the full semester which ends December 18th. 
  6. If my child is in grades K-5, can they do a hybrid of in person and remote learning? At this point in time the only option for grades K-5 is to attend school 5 days a week or pick full remote learning. Many of our families would be sending their children to daycare centers on the remote days so we felt it was important to have all K-5 on campus so we could lessen the exposure our students have to outside people. 
  7. What happens if my child gets exposed to someone who has COVID-19? The Department of Health and Human Services has issued procedures that we will follow if a child/staff member has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Anyone who is exposed will have to quarantine for the required amount of time, which is currently 14 days. Exposure is when someone is within 6 ft. of someone for 15 minutes or more. If a student has to be quarantined at home they will be allowed to participate in remote learning while out of school. If a student is sick they will be marked absent and the normal school procedures will apply. Please email [email protected] if your child is absent. Please click here to view all of the COVID-19 resources issued by the state. 
  8. Will students and staff be required to wear a mask? At this point all students, staff and any other visitor on campus will be required to wear a mask while on campus. Staff and students with an exception will not be required to wear masks. Staff with exceptions will be required to wear a face shield. Parents of a student that have an exception are asked to email Kelly Painter at [email protected] with this information so we are aware of the exception. The details of the exception do not need to be shared.
  9. Is it safe for my child to return to school? Based on what the experts at the state level are saying, it is safe for students to return to school with the restrictions and precautions that have been put in place. That being said, families can choose to keep their children home and do full remote learning if they are concerned about safety.
  10. Are visitors and volunteers allowed on campus? At this point in time no non-essential visitors and volunteers are allowed on campus. If a visitor or volunteer is considered essential, they must have approval from an administrator. 
  11. What do I do if I have to pick my child up early, drop them off late or bring my child something during the day? In any of these cases please pull into the parking lot and park in a visitor spot. Call the front office at 704-549-0080 and we will assist you. 
  12. Will there be fall sports? We are following the NCHSAA rules regarding fall sports. You can read the full athletic update here. 
To review the 2021-2022 Reopening Plan, please click below.