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Jessica Waters » Jessica Waters, Fifth Grade Math and Science

Jessica Waters, Fifth Grade Math and Science

Jessica is in her fourth year at Bradford Prep and her only regret is that she missed Bradford's first year. Previously, she taught in Augusta, GA for four years before moving to CMS for an additional four years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Education. Jessica's strengths are in scheduling and planning. She enjoys taking the lead in field trips and other areas of organized chaos.  Her goal this year is to demonstrate leadership skills, while showing a passion and love for teaching and her students.  Jessica lives in Charlotte with her husband, Mike. She has 5 cats and 1 dog. She particularly enjoys board games and reading (and of course, Harry Potter!)  Her favorite drink is Coca-Cola.
Waters' Fifth Grade Calendar

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Field Trip Tomorrow

We will be visiting Discovery Place Museum tomorrow and learning about bugs and the human body!
1. Students need to arrive before 8:15.
2. Students should be in uniform, including their jacket. If the jacket is not in uniform, they will not be able to wear it to the museum. Students should wear athletic shoes as they will still have PE tomorrow.
3. Students need to bring a disposable lunch. After they eat, everything should be able to be tossed, so please do not pack plastic storage containers or the reusable plastic water bottles.
4. Students are allowed a small amount of cash, no more than $25. We will have time for the gift shop. Students may bring a small bag to carry their money in (purse, drawstring pack, or a fanny pack). Students may NOT bring additional items on the trip, such as toys or books, etc. Students MUST keep up with their own money and personal belongings (jackets, purchases from gift shop)
5. Students will need a book to read and their agenda, but, do not need to bring their whole book bag.
6. Students may bring an afternoon snack, but, should pack it separately from their bagged lunch (or take it out of their bagged lunch and leave it in the classroom as their lunch will be disposed of after they eat.)
7. We will return to school by 2:30; students will dismiss as usual through the carpool.
We're looking forward to this trip! It should be a lot of fun! -The Fifth Grade Team

Some additional decimal practice packets

The websites that I have linked are merely for practice. They are not a grade nor will they be collected.  However, if you would like to review the material at home with your child--these are some resources that I have reviewed.
Exercise 1 - 2, and 7-10  have been taught in class
Pages 1-11, and 14-18 have been taught in class

The Reason Why

In light of our annual campaign, I thought that I'd share some of my experiences with Bradford Prep.
I have taught in a total of four different schools of varying economic and academic need.  I enjoyed my job, I loved my kids.  I didn't want to move to a charter school because it would require some sacrifice on my part.  Eventually, my plan was not my own, and I was led to apply to Bradford.  It was a great decision and an awesome opportunity.
The primary thing that can make teaching a success or failure is the administration.  Administration has to walk a fine line of professional trust and guidance.  At Bradford, I feel so supported and appreciated. I am excited to challenge myself to do more, because I was readily encouraged and given responsibility without hesitation.
The school itself presents a great picture.  Bradford has sent me on several professional development opportunities.  I have been immersed in science, math, and behavior management.  I've even had an amazing experience at Ron Clark and been challenged in great ways.  At Bradford, my requests and needs are important.  For the first time in my career, I've attended every workshop and PD that I've requested.  I've even been given suggestions to attend other opportunities because I would enjoy them.  The best part, is that it was provided by Bradford and not on my own means.
Bradford also focuses on community service and what a great experience in which we can immerse our kids.  Bradford has provided the resources to do some great service opportunities and BPS continues to look for ways for us to grow in this regard.  My heart is service-called and to see that Bradford's core includes service, I am so lucky to be here.
Finally, its the people here that make a difference.  The staff are a unit who support and care for one another. Never have I seen so many people pull together for a faculty need.  Parents are involved. They care and want to help.  I'm indebted to your kindness and assistance. Finally, the kids, your kids, my kids.. make this a great place too.  They make my day every day in a new way.  I am so fortunate to see them grow in this school and see their smiling faces daily.  They have captured my heart and filled it with joy.

Graded Assignments Returned

Parents-many science and math graded assignments have been returned. The check-in is a mastery grade. Students should review it and see what errors they made. Additionally, they should come to me during study hall to ask questions if they are unable to figure out their mistakes or are concerned that they do not understand a concept.
The re-take will be on Monday 10/29 during their workshop time.

Check-in Multiplication Division ON FRI 10/12

Students will have a mini check-in to ensure understanding of the following concepts: order of operations, division, and multiplication.
The layout of the check-in will be:
1Q on Order of Operations
3Q on Mulitplication
3Q on Division
2Q on Word Problems for either mult or div.

Car Face-ing Math Lesson #13 DUE Monday 10/15

Students should have a SHOWN their work for numbers 1-9.  If they can do a REASONABLE and EDUCATED guess for the problems on the back, they may do so.

I will soon be moving to the Sangha Calendar to post assignments

Please be sure to have notifications turned on for calendar updates, etc.

Math Workshop and Biome Poster DUE Tuesday 10/9

I am so sorry for the confusion regarding this Biome Poster and the workshop. My focus has been on Windy Gap and I did not update my website.  I sincerely apologize.  
Students have had 40 minute rotations and two 40 minute class periods to work on the workshop and poster.  I have circulated the room and during my spot checks, students seem to be in a really good place.  I am confident that they will finish on time and well.  However, due to my error, I am willing to accept the posters and workshops until Thursday 10/11 without consequence.
Thanks for working with me.
(Students have a car worksheet, I have not given a due date on that yet.)

Biome Quiz on 9/27

Instead of the unit test, we will complete a biome quiz on Thursday.
The unit test will be the week following Windy Gap.

Windy Gap forms and payments DUE tomorrow!

Good afternoon,
Please to be sure to turn in Windy Gap forms tomorrow.  Students will not be able to attend without forms and payment.