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Bradford Preparatory School

Myra Bellinger, 6th Grade Social Studies

Myra Bellinger graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Political Science. She taught 6th-8th grades in a christian private school and served as a substitute teacher in Cabarrus County for several years before moving to Bradford Prep in 2016. She is currently our 6th grade Social Studies teacher. Myra is an established public speaker and a published singer and author. She is passionate about teaching this generation! Myra lives in Concord with her husband Gary, and two children, David and Maya. She enjoys decorating, cooking, traveling, public speaking, meeting new people, writing, and spending time with her family.

Recent Posts

TEST TOMORROW 1-22 5 Major World Religions

We have wrapped up our Unit Basic Ideas Unit from Ancient Civilizations. My scholars will be tested tomorrow on the 5 Major World Religions! Don't forget to review tonight. Be sure to bring your comparison chart completed before the break. This week we begin a new Unit on Ancient Greece and Rome!

Final Assessment - Wednesday January 23rd & HOMEWORK TONIGHT

Students will have the final assessment on the Unit:  Lasting Ideas from Ancient Civilization when they return, Wednesday, January 23rd.  Students MUST COMPLETE the Religions Comparison Chart tonight in preparation for the assessment. They have notes in their notebooks, a Complete list Terms to Know was handed out today all of which should be used for  study and preparation for assessment.  I will also post these.

9-11 Presentations Wednesday, Due: Wednesday 12-19

Finally Students will complete and turn in the 9/11 Project next Wednesday.
Two Summative Grades will be given when board is graded & Presented and then next quarter, when the papers are graded. 
Students will share what they would like to share about their research/project.  If they are challenged to speak/present, the following questions will direct the discussion. Please allow your students to present at home with your family.


Students have to share about their 9/11 research by answering a few general questions:

  1. Best/Favorite part about your project
  2. Hardest part/least favorite part about the project
  3. 2 things you learned or got better at doing as a result of project
  4. Share at least 2 important points from your research Paper #2

911 Updated Directives & NEW, FINAL Dates

Good evening!
Whew! We've made it to this point. Students should have turned in their rough draft of paper 1 today. (Miss Nash’s ELA class will type in class on Thursday and Friday and will turn their rough draft Friday).
Teachers will edit and have set a goal to return the rough draft of paper 1 to students by Thursday 12/13 or Friday 12/14. This should give students ample time to make changes before turning in a final copy. FINAL COPIES WILL BE TURNED IN WITH PROJECT BOARD.

Draft for Paper 2 will be due Wednesday, December 12th. Students will be given time in class to work on Draft for Paper 2 on Monday & Tuesday during Social Studies. Please be sure that students have their resources with them. I will only check that draft is complete on Tuesday and offer any quick insight that I can during class. For the most part, this paper will be students' responsibility.
Students must have 2 copies of each paper for their final boards due Wednesday December 19th. (One will be turned into to me (Mrs. Bellinger) and the other will be on their boards.
Please note that between 11/29 (NOW) and 12/13, students should continue working on their project display boards and should use the skills learned in ELA class to write paper number 2. STUDENTS SHOULD BE WORKING ON PAPER #2 NOW. We have slow- walked the process of paper one. Our expectation is that while it is fresh, students will use the skills gained and the lessons taught to complete paper two. ELA teachers will not be working in school with the students on Paper 2.
Please be sure to reference the information given to make sure all details of the project is correct. The only things that have changed are the due dates.
Students should be prepared to turn in the entire project (display board with timeline, paper #1, and paper #2, quotes or pics etc.) Wednesday December 19 before break!
Students may turn in it before Wednesday the 19th if they would like! If students turn in the project after break, it will start off minus 20 points. Please encourage your student to turn in their project on time!
One more MAJOR thing..... Students MUST cite their work. Please have students use Landmark citation machine to expedite this process.
I know this has been quite a long haul but my goal (and I will take the liberty to speak for the entire 6th grade team) is to grow our students by teaching them, challenging them and strengthening them so that in whatever situation they find themselves, they are enriched. My expectation is that they are able to write well, speak well, present well and maximize their overall individual  capacity and potential!
Thanks for helping!  Have a great night!
Mrs. Bellinger

9/11 Focus for this week 11/12/18

911 Articles for Use on Paper #1
Our scholars will be working on 9/11 paper 1 with ELA teachers this week. They will work with each student using graphic organizers and helping them BUILD their paper. Our hope is that students will gain the foundations needed to properly construct a great research paper!
These are my recommended resources for Paper #1

PLEASE READ 9/11 Update 11/8


Dear parents, 

Thanks so much for you willingness to share in this growth project with us. I am writing to update you and to share some good news regarding our 9/11 project. 

ELA and Social Studies is teaming up together to maximize the learning potential for all of our students for this project. We desire to reach all the goals of this project. Ms. Nash and Ms. Brown will assist by teaching our students how to properly write a paper by using a graphic organizer. They will help students read the text and grasp the main points from the text. They will help students form both an outline for paper #1 and a thesis statement. They will also assist by teaching students how to properly cite sources. Together, we will walk students through the process for paper #1. To streamline this effort and to provide a great foundation for ALL students, I will provide the two resources needed for paper 1. All students will use the same sources for paper 1. When this process is complete, students should be better equipped to write their choice of topic for paper 2 using the sources they have found. Both papers will still be typed at home and due dates may change. I will still need you, "our village," to hold students accountable and to monitor that they are doing THEIR part in this process. 

If your child has not turned in the homework as assigned for this week, please have them to do so, they can still get partial credit. Please make sure they have ALL their sources for the project in class every day.  We will be working all next week on writing Paper 1.  If you did not get the opportunity to print out your child's resources for paper 2 or if you still need to get a book for them, you still have some time.  They  still need a minimum to 2 sources for paper two.  The paper #2 can be 1-3 pages in length.  (Several students were asking if they can make their paper longer. lol) 

Thank you for your patience. Our goal is to build upon the foundations needed to equip our students to be as successful as possible. I will keep you updated on our process and progress 

 Thank you for your continued support!  "It takes a village...."


Hi Parents & Students,
Starting tomorrow.......Please make certain your student BRINGS TO CLASS all their sources daily for the 9/11 project.  This is a daily requirement unto the project is due.  All sources must be PRINTED out unless a book is being used.  If a book is used, please have students bring their books to school daily.  We will not depend on technology.  Thank you.