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Rachel Hill » Rachel Hill, 6th Grade Science Teacher

Rachel Hill, 6th Grade Science Teacher

Rachel received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Middle School Education from Auburn University in 1995. In 2004, she earned her Master's in Educational Leadership from Kennesaw State University. Rachel has over 11 years of teaching experience, and a passion for education. In her previous teaching positions she: created curriculum maps for middle school Life, Environmental, and Earth Science courses to support consistent student outcome and academic progress. She also organized and facilitated a school wide recycling program that involved students in harnessing their knowledge of environmental impact and encouraged students to engage in their school community. She has taught subjects such as Integrated science, Life science, Earth science, Social Studies and Reading. Rachel Currently holds teaching licenses in the state of North Carolina as well as the state of Georgia. Outside of school, she likes to garden, practice yoga, swims, rides horses, plays with her dogs, and enjoys spending time her family. She loves to teach science, which allows her to share all of majesty of this Earth and universe with her students.

Recent Posts

# 47 GoingDEEPwTectonics (1)

1. Open science binder to #47 - make sure all is complete
2. Get copy of tectonics plate map - color each plate a different color , cut out each individual plate - put into zip lock bag bring to school tomorrow for homework grade . We will use our puzzle to help prepare for the " Tectonic Plates Location / Identification map quiz on Monday.

# 42 The Rock/ Water Cycle Poster - due tomorrow

1. Get science binder , open to #42 , review criteria .
2. Get poster , complete it and answer questions on back in complete thoughts and sentences.
3. Make sure to use colored pencils and or crayons to color it in.
4. Check to make sure you have covered all the criteria.
5. Put your name on it using MLA format.
6. Put it all back in binder.
There will be a test next Tuesday covering this chapter - heads - up ! Study Guide will be given out tomorrow.

#42 Rock / Water cycle poster

1. Go to science binder , get out #42 . Get out poster I gave you today in class. Review criteria.
2. Using attached reading pages 88 , 92-93. On the poster paper create your version of a water cycle / rock cycle poster.
3. You should use pencil to start you poster , you will go over it with crayon or colored pencil later.
4. Make sure you are covering all the criteria & answering all essential questions.
This is only a start , it should not take you more than 20/30 min. tonight.
Remember - eat a good breakfast & get a good nights sleep for testing tomorrow.

Energy Kits - Sign up & Help our School and the Environment

Remember to go to or call 1-855-386-9548 to request a FREE Energy Kit and credit our school. We’re participating in the My Energy Kit Challenge through Duke Energy and The National Theater for Children. The goal of the program is to save energy by giving our families the opportunity to request a FREE Energy Kit. full of items that can be used to save energy around the home. If our school reaches 100 sign-ups for the FREE kit from our families and staff, we’ll automatically win $250. Right now, we have 90 sign-ups. Please help us make a difference.
The top three elementary and middle schools that request the most kits will each win $1,000, $1,500 and $2,500, respectively.. Kit sign-ups will be counted toward the grand prizes through December 31, 2018.
Have a safe and Happy Holiday Break!
Homework - Play in sunshine !!!

Science Homework & Field Trip Reminders

1. Get #34 from binder , make sure it is complete using attached reading. Which is chapter 3 sections 1 and 2.
Field Trip Reminders - Spelling 2-5-5 at Children's' Theater
1. Wear Bradford Uniform
2. Bag Lunch
3. Eat a big breakfast we will not have snack.
4. We will be back on campus at 12:45 - 1.

study guide - Chapter 2 test

1. Review # 30 study guide.Located in your science binder.
2. Print attachment , quiz yourself.
Make sure your are signed up for the 12/4 field trip - Tomorrow is the last day for permission slips. Payment is due on 11/30.