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Glen Stephens » Glen Stephens, 7th Grade Science Teacher

Glen Stephens, 7th Grade Science Teacher

Glen Stephens graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Biology Secondary Education from Asbury University in 1992, and his Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis in Special Education in 2011 from Abilene Christian University. He has taught 6th through 8th grade science, Earth and Environmental Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and 9th Grade Math before moving to Bradford Prep this year.
Glen is passionate about meeting the needs of children with disabilities and foster/adopted children's advocacy.  He advocates for using science to better the lives of everyone, not just science for the sake of science.
Glen lives in Charlotte with his wife Emily and adopted son, John. He enjoys spending his time with his family and church friends, biking, cooking, reading, and science fiction.

Recent Posts

Assignments Due

Good Morning Bradford Families!
I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow, April 27th is the due date for all assignments completed this week.  These assignments include:  Introduction to Statistical Questioning, Collecting Data, and Range and Mode Using Dot Plots.
Just a reminder, all of this sections are in Google Classroom.  If your students needs a hard copy, please have them see me.  I have hard copies available upon request.
It is our intent to due a lab on Friday measure the time a paper airplane stays in the air and the distance said airplane flies.
Have a great day, Bradford Families!
Mr. Stephens

Google Classroom and Statistics

Hi Bradford Parents and Students!
I just wanted to take a couple of moments to let you know or remind you that everything related to our statistics unit is getting posted in Google Classroom.  If your student is absent or unclear about a lesson, assignment, or activity; Google Classroom is the place to find any particular day!
Thank you!
Glen Stephens

Math Collaboration

Happy Friday Bradford families!
As we finish our severe weather slide presentations prepared via Google Classroom, we are looking forward to the next three weeks in Science and Math.
On Monday, April 23rd; we will start a unit discussing data analysis.  We have multiple labs planned using die cast metal cars and paper airplanes.  We will used the data collected during these labs to discuss such topics as median, mean, mode, range, etc.
I am looking forward to putting our student's science processing skills to the "test."
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Last Push Before Spring Break

Good Evening 7th Grade Parents!
We are rapidly pressing on to Spring Break!
Just wanted to make you aware that grades will be final at the end of school on Monday, March 26th.
March 28th is the Middle School Dance.
March 29th is Parent/Teacher/Student conferences.  You may sign up for any teacher with whom you feel the need to meet.

We hope each of you have a wonderful Spring Break!

End of Course and End of Grade Proctor Sign-ups

Between May 18th- May29th, we will administer End-of-Grade and End-of-Course assessments in grades 3rd through 11th.  As part of the requirements for state testing, we need parent and community volunteers to help on these days by serving as proctors.  We are required to have a proctor in each testing session.  

If you are interested and available to help, we would appreciate you donating your time.  Whether you are available to help on one day or every day, we can use you!  All proctors must be at least 18 years of age and not enrolled as a student in a K-12 public school system.  All proctors will be required to attend proctor training the morning before your scheduled assessment.

Sign up here:

If you have any questions, please contact our Testing Coordinator, Mrs. Goodman at  

Happy Friday, 7th Grade Families!

I hope you ended February well, and that March has begun equally as well!  This week we continued our work with microscopes.  Your student practice slide preparation using the letter "e."
We will be taking a break from the microscopes for a few days to begin discussing making and interpreting tables and graphs.  The powerpoint and student notes for these lessons will be in a 2nd post.  We have at least two labs planned around this critical skill.
We will be taking a "nature walk" as soon as our weather calms down to continue our work on microscope slide preparation.
Have a great weekend!

Monday Morning Update

Hello 7th Grade Parents,
I trust you all had a restful weekend.  Due to personal illness I've had to postpone the Introduction to Making a Wet Mount lab which I had planned for Monday.  I will attach Monday's assignment in the Assignments section of the Class Pages.
Before the end of the week, your student will practice making a wet mount using the letter "e,"  and if weather permits, we will gather specimens from outside to practice preparing and viewing under the microscope.
Just a reminder, progress reports went out late last week.  Please ask your student for their progress reports.  You can find the specifics on Power School.
If you are still having difficulty with Power School, please contact the Main Office for assistance.
Have a great week!

Happy Friday to you all!

Hello wonderful parents!  Today, your students took a quiz on Atoms and Atomic Bonding.  Monday, they will have a quiz on the Scientific Method.  Next week we will be learning and practicing the Scientific Processing Skill of Observation.  They will at least perform a lab with Skittles practicing what they are learning in class.
Please make sure that you are continuing to check the 7th grade calendar for all major tests, assessments, and projects.  Your students should be checking Google classroom on a regular basis. As always, thanks for sharing your 7th Grader  with us hear at Bradford!

Science Processing Skills Starts Tuesday, Feb. 9th.

7th Grade Science has completed the Atomic Theory Unit.  Beginning February 9th, students are going to begin an intensive study of many science processing skills.

New Online Resources

Hi Bradford Parents!  So, your student may have told you that Ipads for delivered to our classroom on Friday, November 10th.  With the addition of this technology component, we will be adding many new and exciting resources to our classroom.
One such resources is  I have posted the Force Unit to this post.  Students will be working on this unit through out the next several days.  We just thought you might like to know about the exciting developments at Bradford.