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Elizabeth Koroskenyi » Lisa Koroskenyi, 8th Grade Math

Lisa Koroskenyi, 8th Grade Math

I can not believe I have been teaching 32 years. I am not much older than that...:)  I began my career at Randolph Middle teaching science. Shortly after, I moved to Coulwood Middle teaching 6th grade, all subjects, followed by teaching only math. When my own children started school, I transferred to Huntersville Elementary to be on the same side of town where they were. I was teaching 4th grade, and later 6th grade math and science. While at Huntersville, I was one of the first 12 teachers in CMS to earn my National Boards. When CMS moved all 6th grade to middle school, I began teaching at JM Alexander, math and science. After several years, talk began of starting a charter school. I spent an entire summer planning, holding parent meetings at community centers, placing orders for materials, and so much more for what would become Lake Norman Charter. There were some complications with the startup, so I never actually taught there. I like to think I helped laid the groundwork for them. I then helped open Martin Middle, as a math teacher and head of SSMT Committee. Afterwards I returned to Alexander and later helped open Ridge Road Middle with Jametta Tanner. After a career in CMS, I am excited to start this new opportunity with Bradford Prep. I am delighted with the work ethic and parent support I see at this school. The philosophies of the administration and staff are all about what is good for students. I look forward to going to work every day!

Recent Posts

3rd Quarter Math Notebook Check

The 3rd Quarter Math Notebook Check is almost complete.  Notebook Grades are summative.  A notebook that is well done can boost an average that needs a little help.  Ask your student to show you his/hers.  The grade is on a folded half sheet behind 3rd Quarter work.  Tomorrow is the final day for turning those in on time.  

Take Home Packet Formative Grade Due Wed., Mar. 21

All math students received a Linear Equation Math Packet last week.  This packet is for a formative grade.  The packet is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday.  They have had several days last week and this week to complete their work.  This is one of several we will be completing to be prepared for upcoming Math Assessments.  Thank you for your support for a strong finish!!

Math Tests This Week

Welcome to a short, but very important week. Math 8 has a Math Test on Wednesday of this week. The students are getting their quizzes back and we are going over them to also use as a study guide.  Math 1 has a Test on Thursday.  Theirs is Unit 3.  Looking forward to a great week! 

Second Quarter Missing Assignments and Noteooks

I have informed students twice recently, regarding the exact assignments they were missing.  I also provided extra copies of assignments to anyone who needed.  Because of my recent absences with my Dad's hospitalization, I will accept missing assignments for second quarter this Friday.  Unless you have been absent, the only assignments I can still accept are the ones with a January due date.  Check PowerSchool to confirm which assignments would be included.  All homework grades in PowerSchool are current.  I do still need to enter summative scores.  Notebooks will be collected for First Period and Third Period on Friday.  All other notebooks have been graded and are listed in PowerSchool.  I am looking forward to my Math Students finishing strong.    

Math Update for Dec. 18

Bradford Family,
I hope all of you are ready for our upcoming winter break and some much needed time with family and friends. A couple of reminders before we go.  All makeup work for math is due by tomorrow.  Your student received information regarding the opportunity to make up work and any copies needed about 2 weeks ago. They were also given the entire math class today to work.   A reminder that the deadline is tomorrow, Tues., Dec. 19.  I hope your child is taking full advantage of this opportunity.
MobyMax grades are being calculated and entered into PowerSchool.  They count as formative grades.  The expectation is 120 minutes per week.  If you do not have computer or internet access at home, working lunch times are available to meet the requirement. Students progress at their own pace and have the opportunity to place out, when working at a 9th grade level.  How long it takes your individual student is determined by pre-assessment data and accuracy in lesson completion on their part.  After placing out of MobyMax, students will continue to excel using Khan Academy.  Two students have already placed out and are continuing to be challenged using Khan.  I am proud of the way our students are taking ownership for their own success.
I do hope you will enjoy the holiday.  COME PREPARED TO EXCEL IN 2018.  
Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful, safe, and memorable holiday.
Lisa Koroskenyi  

School Sign-In Code for MobyMax: NC4021

To sign in to MobyMax from home, you need to use the school code.  For us it is NC4021.  Username is your First Name.Last Name  Notice the dot/period between them.  Your password is Bradford1718.  Let me know if you have questions.  

MobyMax Math Challenge Dec. 4 - 7 Leader Board Monday

Bradford Family...So excited to announce that 8th Grade Math is officially registered in MobyMax Math and off to a great start.  MobyMax is adaptive software that uses your student's responses to reinforce, instruct and reward sustained effort in math.  To differentiate, to enrich, to challenge and meet your student at their current level and equip them to excel to their highest potential.  MobyMax is aligned with NC Standards for EOG testing.  We are excited!  The Monday Leader Board is attached, based on focused time in lessons.  The expectation is 30 minutes per night 4x week.  This gets us to the recommended 40 hours before EOG Testing.  If that schedule does not work for you, I am offering flexibility.  As long as the 120 minutes per week is met by Saturday evening each week, any way you divide it up is fine. GO MATH!!!

Weekly Math Update

Happy Friday to you.  The students are working hard to be prepared for their Function Math Test on Monday.  We moved the date to Monday to be sure everyone was prepared.  We have covered a lot of new material and needed one more day to clear up questions and take care of last details.  Enjoy your weekend.  Study a little more for your test.  And then.....ENJOY YOUR THANKSGIVING BREAK, beginning on Wednesday.  I am THANKFUL for your support.  

Hope Haven - Wed., Nov. 8 - Tues., Nov. 21 - Can We Count on You?

8th Grade and 3rd Grade are sponsoring the school-wide service project for November.   We are collecting items for Hope Haven, a homeless shelter for families.  At the shelter the residents are given the opportunity to visit the "store" to get items they need.  We are helping stock those shelves.  Listed below are the items we are collecting.
Bar Soap
Deodorant for MEN and WOMEN
Shampoo and Conditioner
Toothpaste and Toothbrushes - ADULTS AND KIDS
Underwear for MEN, WOMEN AND KIDS
Undershirts for MEN
Feminine Products for WOMEN
Please help any way you can.  Thank you in advance!