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Bradford Preparatory School

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Lisa Koroskenyi, 8th Grade Math

I began my career at Randolph Middle teaching science. Shortly after, I moved to Coulwood Middle teaching 6th grade, all subjects, followed by teaching only math. When my own children started school, I transferred to Huntersville Elementary to be on the same side of town where they were. I was teaching 4th grade, and later 6th grade math and science. While at Huntersville, I was one of the first 12 teachers in CMS to earn my National Boards. When CMS moved all 6th grade to middle school, I began teaching at JM Alexander, math and science. After several years, talk began of starting a charter school. I spent an entire summer planning, holding parent meetings at community centers, placing orders for materials, and so much more for what would become Lake Norman Charter. There were some complications with the startup, so I never actually taught there. I like to think I helped laid the groundwork for them. I then helped open Martin Middle, as a math teacher and head of SSMT Committee. Afterwards I returned to Alexander and later helped open Ridge Road Middle with Jametta Tanner. After a career in CMS, I am excited to continue my teaching journey at Bradford Prep. I am delighted with the work ethic and parent support I see at this school. The philosophies of the administration and staff are all about what is good for students. I look forward to going to work every day!  I enjoy spending time away from work with my husband at Garden City Beach, SC or on our boat on the lake.  Our dogs, Sandy and Bella, keep us entertained.  Our children and grandchildren make us smile every day.


Notebook Check - ALL CLASSES

The dates for Notebook Checks have been previously posted in the classroom and on CANVAS.  Students have been encouraged for weeks to be sure notebooks are continually updated.  Classes will turn in their notebooks to be graded on the following dates:
5th Period: Thursday, Oct. 17
2nd Period: Friday, Oct. 18
4th Period: Monday, Oct. 21
7th Period: Tuesday, Oct. 22

Math 8 Quiz on Lesson 6 Tuesday, Oct. 22

Oct. 22 all Math 8 Students will have a quiz on Lesson 6 - Items #31-35 - Including Review Handout.  Be sure to look back over the Rules of Exponents to be ready.  

Welcome to Mrs. K's Math 8 and Math 1 Webpage

I will use this page to update parents with important announcements and dates related to Math 8 and Math 1.  Last year we used Sangha.  It has taken us a bit to figure out the best replacement for that communication tool.  
The students are using Canvas to keep them informed.  Most of them use it regularly and it is working for them.  They use it to see upcoming assignments, check grades, and send communication to their teachers. keep the lines of communication open with parents, we are using our webpages.  Some teachers are using a link to Canvas on their webpage.  I prefer to provide posts that will share the big events and upcoming dates for math class, with some extra explanation parents may find helpful.  
As always, if you have questions, start by asking your child.  And then....feel free to reach out.  
Thank you for your support so far this year.  Looking forward to an amazing year.