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Charyl Witt » Charyl Witt, 5th & 6th Grade Latin

Charyl Witt, 5th & 6th Grade Latin

Charyl Witt graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education from James Madison University in 2001. She taught Kindergarten for 9 years in both VA and NC, and then Latin, in grades ranging from Pre-K through 8th, at various schools in Charlotte. During her time at Bradford, Charyl has had the opportunity to help develop the Latin curriculum to enhance students' vocabulary comprehension and knowledge of root words and derivatives. Charyl is originally from Northern VA but has enjoyed living in Charlotte with her husband, Mike, and two daughters, Callie (8) & Brooklynn (7), for the past 14 years. She enjoys quality time with her family and friends, volunteering and working with non-profits in the area, traveling, playing guitar, and decorating when the budget allows!

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Nature Unit Quiz Dates

*5th Grade:
Monday/Wednesday- 2/6/19
Tuesday/Thursday- 2/8/19
*6th Grade:
Tuesday 2/8/19

Nature Unit

Latin Unit: Nature Unit

Latin Saying: “Ut sementem feceris” - (You reap what you sow)

  1. arbor (ar-bore)- tree

*arbor/ist- arched shelter of vines/trees; tree specialist

*arboretum- place where trees/shrubs are grown for study or display

*arboreal- having to do with trees/lives in trees

  1. flos/floris- flower

*floral/ist- relating to flowers; one who sells flowers

*flora- plant, bacteria, and fungal life in a specific area/region

*flourish- grow successfully; thrive

  1. fructus- (frook-toose)- fruit

*fructose- sugar found in fruit and honey

*fructuous- produces fruit

*fruitful/fruition- productive/state of bearing fruit; something has been produced

  1. herba (her-buh)- plant

*herb- plant valued for its flavor, smell or medicinal qualities

*herbivore- plant eater

*herbal- relating to or made with herbs

  1. dies (dee-ace)- day

*diurnal- of the day; reoccurring every day

*diary- daily record of personal activities, reflections or feelings

*diet-  daily, habitual nourishment

  1. nox/noctis (knox/knock-teese)- night

*nocturnal- of the night; reoccurring at night

*noctilucent- shining or glowing at night

*nocturne- work of art dealing with the night; music that is “dreamy” sounding (Twinke, Twinkle J)

  1. vita (vee-tah)- life

*vital(s)- characteristic of life and living beings (ie- check for vital signs)

*vitality- power to endure/lively and animated

*(re)vitalize- to give life to something (again)

  1. mors/mortis (mores/more-teese)- death

*(2)(im)mortal/ality- (n)(non)  human; (adj) severity, hostility, dealing with death

*mourn- showing grief or sorrow (usually for someone who has passed away)

*morgue/mortician/mortuary- a place to temporarily store deceased bodies/person who prepares bodies for burial/place of burial

Latin Test 2: Roman Empire, Geography, & The Body Units

Test 2 Dates:
5th Grade Mon/Wed class: Wed 1/16
5th Grade Tue/Th class: Thurs 1/17
6th Grade: Thurs 1/17

The Body Unit Quiz

The Body Unit Quiz dates...
*5th Grade:
-Mon/Wed- Wed. Dec. 19th
-Tue/Thur-Thur. Dec. 20th
*6th Grade:
Thurs. Dec. 20th

The Body Unit

Latin Unit: The Body

Latin Saying: “Errare est humanum” (To err is human -Alexander Pope)

  1. corpus (core-puss)- body

*corpse- the remains of a dead body (usually human)

*corporal- having to do with the body (ie: corporal punishment)

*corporate/ation (corps)- a group of people that creates one unit/body/business to carry out an activity

  1. caput (cuh-put)- head

*captain- person in charge (military, ship, plane, team)

*capital (4)- most serious or important; total amount of money; head city of a state/country; letter style- ABC

*capitol- legislative government building (law making)

  1. pes/pedis (pes/peh-deese)- foot

*pedestal (2)- base/foot of an object; placing a person in high regard or elevated position

*pedestrian- person traveling on foot

*peddler- selling items by traveling on foot

  1. cor/cordis (core/core-deese)- heart

*core- central part of something

*cordial-  having to do with the heart/coming from the heart (heartfelt)

*(con)/(ac)/(dis)cord- (con)cord- with harmony/agreement; (ac)cord- agreement; (dis)cord- disagree

  1. facies (fah-chee-ace) - face

*facial- having to do with the face

*façade (2)- front side of a building; showing an artificial or false appearance

*facet- face/surface/side of something (ie: diamond or one part of numerous aspects of a subject)

  1. os/oris (ose/or-eese)- mouth

*orator- one who is distinguished as a public speaker

*oratory- the art of public speaking; persuasive style of speaking

*oration- formal/important speech (usually given for a special ceremony)

  1. oculus (ah-cue-lus)- eye

*ocular- having to do with the eyes or sight

*binocular- involving the use of (or designed for) both eyes

*monocle- eye glasses for one eye

  1. vox/vocis (vox/vah-cheece)- voice

*vocal- produced by the voice; expressing oneself with words

*vocable- capable of being spoken (ability to produce the sound(s) of word)

*vocalize- to give voice to (your ideas, emotions, opinions, etc)

Geography Quiz Dates

*5th Grade:
-Mon/Wed class on Wed. 12/5
-Tues/Thurs class on Thurs. 12/6
*6th Grade:
-Thurs. 12/6

Geography Unit

Latin Unit: Geography

Latin Saying: “Terra firma” (Solid ground)

  1. terra (tare-uh)- earth, land

*terrain- physical features of a piece of land

*terrestrial-  of or relating to the earth and land

*territory/ial-  geographic area belonging to a governing authority

  1. flumen (flu-men)- river

*fluid (2)- liquid; smooth, flowing (movement)

*fluent/ency (2)- mastery of skill; flowing with an ease and grace

*flume-  a ravine or gorge with a stream of water running through it

  1. mons/montis (mons/mon-teese)- mountain

*monument/al- memorial (stone or building) for person or event/ serving as a monument; very great

*mound-  small hill, pile

*mount (2)- high hill (mountain); to climb up

  1. silva (sil-vuh)- forest

*sylvan-  of or relating to the woods

*Pennsylvania- “Penn’s woods” (William Penn-founded PA)

*Transylvania- “Beyond the Forest” (region of Romania)

  1. insula (in-sue-luh)- island

*insulate- use of materials to protect from/keep inside heat, electricity

*insular- ignorant of or uninterested in cultures, ideas, or peoples outside one's own experience

*peninsula- piece of land almost completely surrounded by water

  1. patria (pah-tree-uh)- fatherland, country

*patriot- one who loves their country and willing to fight for it/obey its laws

*patriotic-  qualities of a patriot; dedicated, loyal, passionate

*patriotism- love for and devotion to one’s country

  1. mare (mar-ay)- ocean, sea

*marine/a- of or relating to the sea/ place to dock your boat

*mariner- person who navigates or assists in navigating a ship (sailor)

*maritime- having to do with the sea; having to do with business and trade on the sea

  1. vastus (vast-oose)- desert

*vast/ly/ness- great in size, amount, intensity, range; boundless space

*vastitude- immense in size

*devastate/tion (2)- to destroy much or most of something; serious emotional pain

**5th Grade M/W class Quiz**

**If you know that your child will not be at school on Monday 11/19, and will miss the quiz that day, please email me or have your child meet with me to discuss taking the quiz the week prior! Thank you!! **

Roman Empire Quiz

*5th Grade Mon/Wed Quiz Date: 11/19/18
*5th Grade Tue/Thurs Quiz Date: 11/15/18
*6th Grade Quiz Date: 11/15/18

Roman Empire Unit

Latin Unit: Roman Empire Unit

Latin Saying: “Veni, vidi, vici” - I came, I saw, I conquered   -Julius Caesar

  1. rex/regina (rex/re-jeen-ah)- king/queen

*regal- relating to, suitable for a king and queen

*regale- to entertain richly, feast with delicacies

*regent- someone ruling in place of the king or queen

  1. miles/militis (me-lace/me-lee-teese)- soldier

*militant- engaged in warfare; aggressive

*militate- heavily weighs against you; prevents something

*militia- organized and trained in military but not in military

  1. exercitus (ex-er-chee-toose)- army

*exercise (2)- physical conditioning; to put into play

*exert/exertion- to use/to cause an effect

*execute (2)- to kill for crime committed; to do or perform something

  1. dominus (dom-ee-noose)- master

*domain/dominion- owned territory/power to govern territory

*dominate- control or power over someone/something

*dominant- most important or powerful; most common

  1. servus- (ser-voose)- servant

*service- helpful and contributing act

*servile- very obedient; trying too hard to please

*servitude- condition of being a slave or having to obey another

  1. bellum (bell-oom)- war

*bellicose- inclined to start arguments or fights

*belligerent- angry and aggressive; ready to fight

*rebel/rebellion- effort made to oppose the current way of life

  1. pax/pacis (pax/pah-chees)- peace

*pacify/pacifier- to cause peacefulness

*pacifist/ism- opposes war and violence to settle disputes

*pacific- calm, peaceful, lover of peace

  1. hostis- (hos-teese)- ememy

*hostile- relating to an enemy; unpleasant and harsh

*hostility- unfriendly attitude or action; war-like actions

*hostage- involuntarily taken by someone for exchange of price/demands

Test 1: Classroom Commands, Numbers, and Adjectives Units

Test 1 will be covering the past three units: Classroom Commands, Numbers, and Adjectives.
Students have completed an in-class study guide that covers the information on the test. Students were supposed to have circled all information on the study guide that they could not answer off hand, so they know what to focus on for studying purposes.
*Mon/Wed 5th grade class: Monday Oct. 29th
*Tue/Th 5th grade class & 6th grade classes: Tuesday Oct. 30th

Adjectives Quiz on Wed 10/17 & Thurs 10/18

5th Grade M/W class quiz on Wed 10/17 (**If NC check-ins interfere with this, quiz will be pushed to a later date)
5th Grade T/Th class quiz on Thurs 10/18
6th Grade quiz Thurs 10/18

Numbers Unit-T

My SINCEREST apologies for not getting this posted earlier!!!
The students will be quizzing on this unit today and tomorrow (depending on their T/Th or M/W class). I've allowed them to do it partially open book.

Classroom Commands-T

 Here is the link to our first unit of the year! We will be going over the unit for the next few weeks. In class, students will be working on memorizing the Latin vocabulary, as well as applying the English derivatives in creative writing.