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Bradford Preparatory School

Suzy Graham » Suzy Graham, Upper School Science

Suzy Graham, Upper School Science

Suzy Graham graduated from the University of Greenwich, London, UK in 1998 with her Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Chemistry with a minor on Environmental Science. She worked in both the public and private sectors in London, UK, for 7 years before returning to receive her post-graduate teaching qualification. After teaching in the UK for 9 years she and her husband moved to Charlotte, NC, where she has taught ever since. This is her 3rd year as a Bradford upper school teacher, and this year is teaching Honors Biology, Honors and Standard Chemistry, Honors Physics and AP Environmental Science. She is passionate about science and uses every opportunity to carry lab work with her students. Suzy lives in Charlotte with her husband and 2 cats, and enjoys reading and making her own jewelry.