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Megan Belton

Megan Belton graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and English from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.  She is certified through the American Montessori Society as a lower elementary Montessori teacher.  Megan taught for several years in the public and private setting before moving to Bradford Preparatory School in 2016. She is currently teaching 5th-grade math.  She lives in Charlotte with her husband and three children.  When Megan is not at school, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and bike rides on the greenway. Teacher License Status: Standard Professional.


Unit 1 Study Guide

Good morning mathematicians!

We have finished unit 1 of our fifth-grade math curriculum!  My plan was to take a quick math check-in/quiz today and then work together to solve some challenging word problems.  Since we are not at school today or tomorrow, I am cancelling the check-in/quiz.  Next Monday will be a review day, and you will take the unit test on Tuesday.

Remote Math Assignments (9/17 & 9/18):

  • Complete the Module 1- Study Guide. The study guide is similar to the test.  If you are able to work through the problems on the study guide, you will fine on the test.  If you have trouble with any questions, make a note of that.  We will have a review day on Monday to go over any questions or concepts that you need help with.
  • *Optional Challenge Assignment*- Complete the Lesson 16 Problem Set. These are the tricky word problems that I mentioned above. 

Math Resources

Good morning.  I hope that everyone is doing well.  I wanted to share some online resources that you can check out for your child if you would like.  There are many companies offering their services for free during this time of school closures.

Resources for Math

*Ascend Math
*Curriculum Associates – printable packets


*eSpark Learning

*Eureka Math resources

*Explore Learning Gizmos – math & science simulations


*Khan Academy – math instructional videos

*Legends of Learning – math & science games

*Math Playground

*Math Viking

*MobyMax – online lessons that claim to “find and fix learning gaps”. It
*Prodigy Math

*Reflex Math – great for math fact fluency

*Scholastic Learn at Home resources

*SFUSD Math resources


*Xtramath – site for practicing math facts

*Zearn – math lessons & resources


*I also wanted to let you know that it was brought to my attention that I had an error on the chapter 4 math test answer key.  I have adjusted the grades to give everyone credit for #5.

Important- Test Info.

Good morning.  I took some time to grade the chapter 3 math tests last night and wanted to offer the children the opportunity to complete an “Error Analysis” sheet instead of scheduling a retest.  This will give them a chance to work through each problem and raise their grade if they need to before we begin the winter break.  I am concerned that a January retest may be too far off and I don’t want to leave it hanging over their heads during the break. 

I am sending the “Error Analysis” sheet and test that they took on 12/17 home today.  They will be due on Friday, December 20th


Thanks so much!


Good morning.  Attached you will find our weekly math update.  There will be a math test next Wednesday.  The study guide is included in the attached update.  Have a great weekend!