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Kayla Champion » Kayla Champion, 4th Grade

Kayla Champion, 4th Grade

Kayla Champion graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2017. She student taught in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools at Newell Elementary in 2nd grade. She is passionate about art, health, and fitness. She is an active member of her local church and enjoys traveling, especially for mission work. Kayla lives in Charlotte with her husband Christian. She enjoys working out, hiking, cooking, reading, and spending time with her family. She spends any extra time learning new hobbies, such as painting, drawing, and knitting. She classifies herself as a life-long learner and enjoys learning new things!
Color: Turquoise or Pink
Candy: Peanut M&M's
Drink: Cherry Coke Zero
Stores: Starbucks and Target
Animal: Penguin
Hobby: Cooking or Lifting Weights
Things that make me happy: Flair Pens, Gluten Free Nothing Bundt Cake, Fuzzy Socks