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Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

Will students rotate through their classes just like they would at a traditional public school?
Yes, all students in grades five through eight have a traditional schedule that calls for rotating from class to class throughout the day. Core academic classes are 50 minutes each, and elective classes are 45 minutes each. We have also scheduled in a 10-minute break in the morning for students to have a snack, catch up with friends, or use the restroom. Middle school students are given a 25-minute break at lunchtime for lunch and recess.

Will Middle School students have the opportunity to choose electives?
As a college prep school, all of our Middle School students take a foreign language every year as well as art, music or computers on alternating days throughout the week. All Middle School students will also have PE and study hall every day. 

Will Middle School students be required to bring their own technology?
No, in fact, we would ask that you leave all personal devices at home. If you choose to bring one with you to school, it must remain turned off during the school day and placed in the student's backpack. Any student using their personal device during school hours will be asked to give it to their teacher. It will be taken to the office where it will be held until the student's parent comes into the office to sign it back out. Students in grades five and six will be sharing several sets of laptops as needed in class and students in grades 7th & 8th have access to iPads with full-size keyboards in the majority of their classes.

Are students required to wear a PE uniform?
All students in grades 6th - 8th will be required to change out. PE uniform information can be found on our Uniform Policy & Dress Code.

Do Middle School students have lockers?
No, we do not currently have lockers in the Middle School. Students will primarily store their notebooks and class supplies in each classroom so they won't be carrying much with them from class to class. Most Middle School students will carry their PE clothes, lunch, and any academic materials they need with them from class to class in their backpack.

Will there be overnight trips in Middle School?
Yes, students in grades 5th through 8th go on a fall retreat to a camp in western North Carolina in September. We couldn't be more excited to offer this opportunity to our students as a time to bond as classmates and experience adventure activities not typically available to them. Students will also be given the opportunity to go on academic spring overnight trips starting in 5th grade that are specifically tied to the curriculum.

What curriculum will you be using in the Middle School?
While our teachers develop their own day to day lesson plans, they will be using the Core Knowledge Sequence to define the backbone of our grade-level objectives. If you are interested in knowing more about the Core Knowledge Objectives, please click here.