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Bradford Preparatory School

Fun Run & Give Grow Together Helpful Links

Fun Run, Friday, October 18th! 

RUN LIKE THE WIND Wednesday’s ARE BACK! Students in grades K-8 will run every Wednesday during their PE Class and track their individual progress as they compete with their fellow students and the BP Staff. Our K-6 Students will participate in a FUN RUN in October, and all students will have the opportunity to participate in the Bear Crawl in May.

We will send pledge cards home Monday, October 7th, for the FUN RUN. Pledges can be made per lap or as a flat donation. Click here to print additional pledge cards.

Do you have friends and family that live out of town but would like ways to include them in the excitement of the Bradford Community? Please feel free to use the branding documents attached to create a fundraising page on your social media platforms: 

Sample Verbiage for Fundraising Page & Personal Emails: 

I am so excited to run in the FUN RUN on Friday, October 18th!  I am running to help up-fit the new Fitness & Fine Art Center at Bradford Prep. I am excited to help, and I would love it if you would sponsor me!  You can pledge per lap (I'm hoping to complete at least 30!), or you can give a flat donation at Donate/Fun Run. 

How to set up Personal Fundraiser on Facebook: 

Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook also gives a template that you can use and customize as you see fit. 

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