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Bradford Preparatory School

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Request an Afternoon Car Line Tag

In order to make the process move quickly and efficiently, we use an online carpool system that associates your carpool number to your child. When we enter your carpool number into the system in the afternoon, it will put your child's name up on the screen in their classroom to let them know where you will be when they load. Each family will automatically receive two car line tags so you only need to complete the form below if you need one of the following:
1. Group Carpool Tag - for families that are carpooling together.
2. Separate Car Tag - for student that needs to be picked up separately from their siblings.
3. Duplicate Car Tag - for families that will need more than the 2 car tags that will be automatically created for each family.

Again, every family will automatically receive 2 car line tags at open house for use during afternoon car line - please do not submit this form to receive a car tag for your family.
Please allow 5 days for your car tag request to be processed. Car tags can be picked up in the Upper School Front Office.