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Bradford Preparatory School

ACT- 11th Grade

As part of the required NC state assessment plan, all eleventh grade students will take the ACT (American College Testing) test on February 20, 2019.  
All cell phones, smartwatches and electronic devices that can access the internet and take pictures are not allowed in the testing room.  These items must be stored in student bookbags.  Food or drinks are not allowed in the testing room. 
Documents to Download: 
- College/University Reporting Codes- Students may choose up to four colleges and universities to send their ACT
   test scores.  The letter attached on the right hand side of this page explains this process. 
- Preparing for the ACT-  The document attached on the right hand side of this page includes:
  • full-length practice tests, including the writing test
  • information about the writing test (NOTE: The writing test is not optional for NC students.  It is required.)
  • strategies for taking the tests
  • what to expect on test day
   * NOTE:  Bradford Prep students will take the paper/pencil version of the ACT.
ACT Links: 

Additional information regarding preparing for the ACT can be found at