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Bradford Preparatory School

PSAT- 10th & 11th Grade

On Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 all tenth and eleventh grade students will take the PSAT.  Please see the letter from Mrs. Little attached to the right hand side of this page. This letter was previously emailed to all 10th & 11th grade parents in June. There is not a make-up date for the PSAT.  In order to access PSAT scores after testing, each student must have a College Board account.  Please see the link below to set up an account.
Test Day Info & Logistics:
- Be on time!  Test starts at 8:00
- If you arrive after testing has started, you will not be able to test. 
- Report to homeroom by the tardy bell (7:45) to be counted during attendance and then proceed
  to the PSAT check-in.
- Check-in table will be located at the top of the center stairs. Photo identification is required at check-in
  (driver's license, learner's permit w/ photo, passport, etc...). If you do not have a photo ID, a staff member
  will need to verify your identity (per College Board policy).
- Bookbags & lunchboxes will stay in the hallway or another classroom during testing.  You may not access
  these during testing. All cell phones will be turned off and collected at check-in. These will be stored securely
  during testing. 
- You may bring a small snack and water bottle into the testing room.  These must be stored under your chair. 
- No electronic devices or watches allowed in the testing room
- The test will last about three hours (8:00-11:00ish). 
College Board Website Links: 
 PDF Flyer Downloads: 
See the flyers posted on the right hand side of this page.
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