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Bradford Preparatory School

Bradford Student and Author, Arzan Upadhyay continues to share his love of reading and writing.

As many of you are aware, Arzan Upadhyay debuted his book "Durp, The Bad Luck Streak"  this past January.  Arzan was invited to Rato Bangala school (Ranked #1 in Nepal) in Kathmandu to discuss his book-writing habit to inspire students. Book writing has been a remarkable experience for him. Not only has he donated books to local libraries and NGOs, but he has also provided access to free books to entertain books enthusiast worldwide. 

We are proud of our BPS 8th Grade student Arzan! Arzan came to Bradford two years ago, and he has published his first book! Please see the note from Arzan’s Mom & Dad below. What an incredible accomplishment! Congratulations! “Happy new year. I am excited to share the good news. Arzan, published his 1st book today. It took him 3yrs to write it. I want to thank Bradford for giving him the tools for this accomplishment. The book is now available on Amazon, and soon the hardcover will be available in retail stores. Arzan will send a copy to the school as well.” Available for purchase via Amazon