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Bradford Preparatory School

Mission & Vision

Bradford is a college preparatory school committed to academic excellence, nurturing personal relationships, and inspiring a growing passion for creativity and learning in all of our students.

Core Values
  • Academic excellence
  • Relationships
  • Focusing on the whole child
  • Community service
  • Accountability
  • Health and wellness
Vision for Our School
Bradford Preparatory School uses innovative methods to provide quality education in a smaller, more responsive learning environment.  We challenge students to develop the critical thinking skills, creativity, and communication skills required for success in college and the workplace. Our school community, including the students, teachers, administrators, parents, and other community members work together to support the students in a way that invites learning to become a lifelong endeavor. 

Put simply, BPS differs from the local area traditional public schools in the following ways:
  • We apply more stringent graduation requirements, enabling students to advance on a path that will fully prepare them for college.
  • We offer 1:1 student-laptop ratio beginning in Upper School.
  • We address the myriad needs of each student through our ENRICH program which will cover social skills, public speaking, writing, emotional intelligence, personal finance, organization, teamwork, leadership and healthy living, to name a few.
  • We remain flexible in instruction styles, adjusting methods, and programs to reflect the latest research and trends.
  • We apply brain-based research methods and educate our students by providing developmentally appropriate education through hands-on learning in a brain-compatible environment.
  • We offer intensive foreign language starting in kindergarten with the goal of graduating bi-lingual students
  • We place a strong emphasis on health and nutrition with significant time built into the day for physical activity.
  • We offer extensive college and career counseling, with the college/career planning process beginning in 7th grade.

Since the founding of Bradford Preparatory School, we have remained committed to building a school community where people of all backgrounds can grow and thrive regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, religion, or any characteristic that makes all of us who we are.