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Bradford Preparatory School

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LS Students
Lower School​​​
Students will begin their journey toward becoming lifelong learners in Bradford Prep’s Lower School. Our students are immersed in classes that allow them to stretch their minds and develop their critical thinking skills. Bradford Prep strives to enrich and accelerate the pace of academics during the school year all while providing plenty of physical activity within the school day.
MS Soccer
Middle School​​​
Bradford Prep’s Middle School serves as a bridge between the lower and upper school years. Middle school is a unique time when young adolescents experience rapid growth and change, both physically and intellectually, and must be guided and supported in unique ways. We will provide a safe and caring environment for these transformations while holding our students to high academic standards. We emphasize moral and ethical development during our advisory program. Our goal is to teach our students how to make responsible choices and to be of service to others.
Upper School​​​
The Upper School will be the bridge to college and beyond, both a culmination of the Bradford Prep experience and a gateway to the next phase of our students' journeys. The Upper School has a broad-based curriculum, including several AP courses, a commitment to community service, and an Honor Code that instills the values of honesty, integrity, and self-reliance. By teaching these values to our students, we hope to give their higher education a higher purpose, ensuring their success throughout college and the rest of their lives.