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Bradford Preparatory School

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Upper School Overview

The Upper School is the bridge to college and beyond, both a culmination of the Bradford Prep experience and a gateway to the next phase of our students' journeys. We are a college preparatory school, and everything we do in the upper school years focuses on that goal. The Upper School has a broad-based curriculum, including many AP courses, a commitment to community service, and an Honor Code that instills the values of honesty, integrity, and self-reliance. By teaching these values to our students, we hope to give their higher education a higher purpose, ensuring their success throughout college and the rest of their lives.

The Upper School education plan at BPS, in line with the school’s mission statement, challenges the students to work hard to reach their academic potential, and holds students accountable for their success. With AP courses offered as early as  9th grade, students will have ample opportunity to take a rigorous course of study as desired. While all of our Upper School courses will meet the common core and essential standards, we also help students dive deeper into various subject matters through class projects, service learning projects, independent studies, internships, and research papers. Our curriculum aligns with the NC READY Accountability Model by providing the required math, English, social sciences, and science courses laid out. Our ENRICH program expands in high school to 4 half-credit electives that will further develop each student’s writing and rhetoric skills, their leadership and presentation skills, personal finance and assist in their process of choosing a college and career for the future. 

While BPS certainly wants students to have resumes attractive to college admissions boards, our primary goal is to produce graduates who are intrinsically motivated and well prepared for their future. It is our goal that our students don’t just go on to college, but that they go on to the college that matches their personality and offers the education that will best prepare them for their future career.
Understanding the selectivity of institutions of higher learning, and the intensity of the application process, the graduation requirements for BPS are rigorous. Please take a look at our graduation requirements as you plan for your child's Upper School years.