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Bradford Preparatory School

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Upper School Promotion and Retention Policy

Promotion from 9th – 10th grade:   Student must successfully complete 6 credits, including English I and a minimum of Math I or Foundations of Math I.  In addition, at least one science or social studies credit.

Promotion from 10th – 11th grade:   Student must successfully complete 12 credits, including English II, 2 Math Credits, one of which must be Math I, and 3 science/social studies credits.

Promotion from 11th – 12th grade:   Student must successfully complete 18 credits, including

  • English I, English II and English III
  • World Language I (i.e. Spanish I)
  • Math I, Math II and one other Math Credit
  • 5 additional science/social studies credits including Biology.
If a student fails a course, they must retake the course for full credit. All EOC courses must be retaken at Bradford during the school year unless approved by the Upper School Principal. If a student fails a non-EOC course they can request to retake it over the summer at a school approved vendor at the parent expense. If a student retakes a course that they previously failed, their new grade will replace the failing grade. Bradford Prep will offer credit recovery at the discretion of the Upper School Principal.


All summer courses including CPCC dual enrollment must be pre-approved by the Upper School Principal.