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Bradford Preparatory School

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Upper School Promotion and Retention Policy

Promotion from 9th – 10th grade:   Student must successfully complete 6 credits, including English I and a minimum of Math I.  In addition, at least one science or social studies credit. 


Promotion from 10th – 11th grade:   Student must successfully complete 12 credits, including English II, Math I, 3 science/social studies credits.


Promotion from 11th – 12th grade:   Student must successfully complete 18 credits, including English III, minimum of Math II and 5 additional science/social studies credits including Biology.


If a student fails a course they must retake the course for full credit. All EOC courses must be retaken at Bradford during the school year. If a student fails a non-EOC course they can request to retake it over the summer at a school approved vendor at the parent expense. If a student retakes a course their new grade will replace the failing grade. Bradford Prep will offer credit recovery at the discretion of the Upper School Principal.