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Please consider donating toward our 2018 Annual Campaign!
As a Charter School, Bradford Preparatory is a non-profit and we have a different financial funding process than a traditional school.  We do not receive State or County funds for buildings, land or athletic facilities.  This means that our annual budget is key in creating the success that we desire and the learning environment our students deserve.  We maintain our budget through careful accounting practices and good stewardship principals.
While we can cover our operating expenses with state and local funding, it's YOUR contributions that allow us to take Bradford Prep from a great school to an outstanding school!
Over the past 5 years, annual campaign money has allowed us to do the following at Bradford Prep:
  • Purchase 24 violins for the 4th Grade Measure Up Program
  • Install turf in the courtyards of the Lower School building
  • Purchase iPads for the 5th & 6th grade classrooms
  • Provide professional development for many of our staff with the Ron Clark Academy, Singapore Sarah and many others
  •  Make a down payment on the adjacent 15 acres of property that will become our athletic fields
  • Purchase much needed instruments to fill out the Band and Orchestra
  • Campus development through upgrades to the landscaping - sod on the lower school play field, fencing around play areas, a patio out behind the Lower School building, new shrubs and trees throughout the campus and fencing around the new artificial field
  • Trails and a bridge in the wooded area for creative play. And as of October 15th, 2018 the Installation of a new playground for the Lower School students.
 The list is extensive, and we truly couldn't do it without you. We cannot thank everyone enough for their generosity and continued support of Bradford Prep.
That  being said, we still need your help!!  
We believe 2018-2019 will be our best year yet! We are excited to announce that we are embarking on the design/build process for our gymnasium.   We couldn't  be more excited to be adding a 10,000 square foot gym with enough space for bleachers for 800 spectators.  We are also building space for locker rooms, elective rooms, a concession stand and several large practice spaces for our band, orchestra and choir. We have been able to allocate the money in our budget to create this space while not sacrificing teacher salaries or instructional programs. While our financing group doesn't typically commit to funding for a gymnasium, due to our long standing relationship they have committed to covering the cost of construction for the gymnasium/fine arts space.
We would love to open the gym with the following items, but we need your financial support to help cover the costs:
  • Bleachers
  • Scoreboards
  • Additional Basketball Hoops
  • Acoustical Panels
  • A fully upfitted concession stand
  • Music Instrument Storage for the new music spaces
Our 2018-2019 Fundraising goal is $200,000 and every GIFT matters!  Please consider making a one-time gift, monthly gift or pledge to give at a later date. Does your employer offer a matching gift? With your partnership, we can take our campus and programs to the next level!
Every Single Gift, no matter the size, makes a difference in the lives of our students.

Please GIVE today, You can give by clicking on the button below or by sending a check into the front office.