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Bradford Preparatory School

Parent Resources

Family Services at Bradford Prep School

At Bradford, we hope to be able to meet the various needs of your family to ensure your child’s best chance at success. Please see the options below for areas in which we may be able to support your family.


Support with food for your family outside of school

Help with school uniforms

Help with school supplies

Mental Health Resources

Housing Resources

Support for employment for parents

Technical Support- internet service, devices, etc.

Medical needs for children


** Please email our Family Engagement Coordinator, Melissa Logan, if you could benefit from any of these services. Please include your specific need in the email so that we can connect you with the right school personnel.

[email protected]



Say Something, Anonymous Reporting System for Suicide Prevention

These learning tools have been provided to help caregivers learn how to prevent youth suicide and feel confident in the job as a trusted adult.
To set up your account click on the below and create your account. Username is your first name and first two letters of your last name - ex: if your name is Mary Rice your username will be Mary Ri.  The password is Bradford. 
Teen Health Connections: Recommended by the Bradford Prep Counseling Team.
Teen Health Connections is an organization devoted to assisting parents during these difficult times.
"We are all adjusting to a new normal during these uncertain times. As we talked to parents, we found that many were in need of encouragement while they navigate through new routines. We are pleased to now offer three free parenting workshops that can be completed virtually. These courses were designed to support you on the journey without taking too much of your time."
Click on the link below to register for these FREE virtual classes. 
Parenting Classes - Via ZOOM