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Bradford Preparatory School

Lower School Overview

Students begin their journey toward becoming lifelong learners in Bradford Prep’s Lower School. Our students in grades Kindergarten through 4th grade are immersed in classes that allow them to stretch their minds and challenge their thinking. Bradford Prep strives to enrich and accelerate the pace of academics during the school year all while working to meet the social, emotional and physical needs of our students. All students at Bradford Prep take daily PE classes and have art and music classes weekly. 

The lower school curriculum is a teacher designed curriculum that is unique and specific for the students at our school. The teachers have the support of a variety of research-based curriculums that all align with the Common Core standards. The teachers can use these curriculums to help them set up and design their daily lesson plans. The lead teacher leads a weekly roundtable planning session that will allow all of the teachers to collaborate on their curriculum planning. We revise our curriculum as needed to ensure that we are applying new techniques from professional development training, the latest research, or simply lessons learned from our own experience in the classroom.