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Bradford Preparatory School

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Graduation Requirements

Understanding the selectivity of colleges and universities across the country and the intensity of the application process, the graduation requirements at Bradford Prep are rigorous. We offer two rigorous paths to graduation. Please note that students pursuing the Honors diploma are not required to take all Honors. Courses.

Course of Study

Bradford Honors Diploma Requirements

Bradford Standard Diploma Requirements

4 Credits: English I, II, III, IV
4 Credits: English I, II, III, IV
4 Credits: Math I, II, III and IV or Precalculus
4 Credits: Math I, II, III, and IV (or Precalculus
4 Credits: Earth and Environmental, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, AP Physics, AP Bio or AP Chemistry
4 Credits: Earth & Environmental, Biology, a physical science (Chemistry or Physical Science) & 1 additional science course
Social Studies
4 Credits:  World History, American History, Founding Principles of USA and NC: Civic Literacy, and Economics and Personal Finance
4 Credits:  World History, American History, Founding Principles of USA and NC: Civic Literacy, and Economics and Personal Finance
World Language
4 Credits: Spanish I, II, III, IV
(or other World Language)
2 Credits:  Spanish I, II
(or other World Language)
Health & PE
2 Credits
2 Credits
ENRICH & Electives
6 Credits
4 Credits
AP Courses
1 AP Course
Min. ACT/SAT Score
Composite Score of 22 on the ACT
or 1110 on the SAT(SAT equivalent may be adjusted as the new version of the SAT comes out).
28 Credits
24 Credits


A Foundations of Math class can be substituted as one of the math courses at the Upper School Principal’s discretion. Students taking a Foundations of Math class as a math substitute will not be eligible to attend a four-year school without attending community college first. 


Occupational Course of Study Graduation Requirements

For students with special needs for whom their IEP teams deem appropriate, Bradford Prep offers the courses in North Carolina’s Occupational Course of Study. Further information about occupational course of study courses can be found at the OCS website maintained by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction:

Students must complete 150 school based training work, 225 hours of community based training and 225 hours of paid employment in addition to their OCS Coursework.


Graduation Requirements for Students Identified with a Disability

If a student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and is unable to meet the Bradford Prep graduation requirements to earn a diploma at Bradford Prep, they will have the opportunity to earn a graduation diploma through the state.

Graduation Diploma  Course Requirements for Students with a Disability:

4 English Credits
4 Math Credits
3 Science
4 Social Studies Credits
1 PE & Health Credit
6 Elective Credits
22 Total Credits


If a student with an IEP cannot complete these graduation requirements then the school will award the student a Certificate of Attendance and allow the student to participate in graduation exercises.