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Bradford Preparatory School

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Graduation Requirements

Understanding the selectivity of colleges and universities across the country and the intensity of the application process, the graduation requirements at Bradford Prep are rigorous. We offer two rigorous paths to graduation.  For comparison, please see the column on the right for the NC Graduation Requirements.

Course of Study

Bradford Honors Diploma Requirements

Bradford Standard Diploma Requirements

NC Graduation Requirements


4 Credits: English I, II, III, IV

4 Credits: English I, II, III, IV

4 Credits: English I, II, III, IV


4 Credits: Math I, II, III and IV or Precalculus

4 Credits: Math I, II, III, and IV (or Precalculus)*

4 Credits: Math I, II, III and 1 additional math course


4 Credits: Biology, Chemistry, & 2 lab-based Science Courses (Physics, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Environmental and or Earth & Environmental)

4 Credits: Earth & Environmental (or an additional lab-based science), Biology, a physical science (Chemistry or Physical Science) & 1 additional science course

3 Credits:  Earth Science, Biology and a physical science

Social Studies

4 Credits:  World History, Civics & Economics, American History 1, American History 2, American History or AP US History and one additional SS course

4 Credits: World History, Civics & Economics, American History 1, American History 2, or AP US History and a SS elective in place of American History 1 & 2

4 credits: World History, Civics/Economics, American History I&II or AP History and one additional course

World Language

4 Credits: Spanish I, II, III, IV

2 Credits:  Spanish I, II

Not required

Health & PE

2 Credits

2 Credits

1 Credit

ENRICH & Electives

6 Credits

4 Credits

6 Credits: 2 Arts, CTE or World Language + 4 Course Concentration

AP Courses

Take and Pass 1 AP Course



Minimum ACT Score





28 Credits

24 Credits

22 Credits


*Foundations of Math II can be substituted as one of the math courses at the Upper School Principal’s discretion.  Students taking Foundations of Math II as a math substitute will not be eligible to attend a four-year school without attending community college first.


Occupational Course of Studies

For students with special needs for whom their IEP teams deem appropriate, Bradford Prep offers the courses in North Carolina’s Occupational Course of Study.  Further information about occupational course of study courses can be found at the OCS website maintained by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction:


Graduation Requirements for Students Identified with a Disability

If a student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and is unable to meet the graduation requirements to earn a diploma at Bradford Prep will have the opportunity to earn a graduation certificate.

Graduation Certificate Course Requirements:

  • 4 English Credits
  • 3 Science
  • 3 Social Studies Credits
  • 1 PE & Health Credit
  • 6 Elective Credits
  • 21 Total Credits