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Bradford Preparatory School


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Bear and Bean Coffee Punch Cards

Bear and Bean Coffee Cart

The Bradford Bear and Bean opens for business on Monday!!  Bridgette Mathis and the OCS students will start selling freshly brewed caffeinated only coffee on Monday, 2/3/20.  As a part of their course of study they are responsible for work hours and creating and operating their own school enterprise.  With the help of Mrs. Hyatt, they are ready to open for business.  Coffee will be available for staff and all high school students.  They will be selling coffee by the cup ($2.50) or you may purchase a punch card (10 cups for 20.00).  They will have 12 oz. cups, or you may bring your own cup.  There will be two ways to purchase punch cards - online here or at the cart which will be located at the bottom of the staircase each day.  We are only accepting credit cards or punch cards at the cart.  We hope that you will purchase coffee from our OCS students!  Proceeds will first go towards repayment of equipment and then profits made will go towards field trips, future projects and/or the expansion of our enterprise.  If you are not a coffee drinker you can support the students by purchasing a punch card for a coffee drinking colleague 😊.

 Shirts purchased online can be picked up in the 7-12 Front Office or at the Coffe Cart.

Bear and Bean Coffee Cart Location:

Front lobby area beneath the main stairs in the 7-12 building from 7:15-7:50AM. 

Multipurpose Room from 7:50-9:30AM

Operation Hours:  Monday thru Friday, 7:15-9:30AM for staff, 7:20 – 7:35AM for students

Bradford Bear and Bean Cropped.jpg
Price: $20.00
Title Required
Price: $10.00
Bear and Bean 2 Cup Coffee Punch Card
Price: $5.00
12 ounce bag of Pure Intentions Coffee Beans
Price: $12.00
Short Sleeve.JPG
Price: $20.00
Long Sleeve.jpg
Price: $25.00
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