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Bradford Preparatory School



Carpool Updates - Changes Coming on Wednesday

Gym construction is about to get exciting!  Walls will start going up this week and in order to ensure the safety of all students and staff, we will be rerouting the Upper School car line for the next 3-4 weeks.  

Upper School Car Line Changes:

  • In order to have enough stacking, we will be using the K-8 car line from 7:20-7:35AM and again from 2:55PM-3:10PM for Upper School car line stacking. Upper School parents should only use the right two lanes to stack up and prep for pulling into the unloading and loading zone.  We will not be using the left hand lane during Upper School car line so that it remains open for access to the parking lot.  If you arrive after 7:35AM and are just dropping off Upper School students, please use the Upper School front loop only as we will stop using the full K-8 loop at around 7:35AM once traffic for Upper School dies down- you will need to be in the left lane to do that - PLEASE DO NOT cross in front of traffic that is going straight to get in line for the K-8 car line.
  • Please do not use the left lane of carpool in the morning or afternoon unless you are turning left when you leave campus on to Salome Church Rd (or you have younger students in the morning and you are looping back through the Upper School lot in the morning).  We are seeing far too many cars turning right out of the entrance at the school and it is causing major backups in the morning.  If you will be turning right on Salome Church when you leave, you need to be in the right lane when you come into the loading/unloading zone so that you can exit through Freedom House to turn right. 
  • Please put your car line tag in your dash during morning car line so we know how to best direct you in the morning.
  • IT IS NEVER AN OPTION TO DROP YOUR CHILDREN OFF ON SALOME CHURCH ROAD.  PLEASE DO NOT EVER DO THAT.  Safety is the number one priority and there have already been several near misses out on the road due to parents pulling over and dropping their children off out there.  
  • In the afternoon, please do not arrive on campus prior to 2:50PM for Upper School Car Line.  We have classes outside and safety is our primary concern.  
  • If you arrive in the afternoon after 3:10PM, you will use the K-8 car line to pick up your Upper School student in the K-8 car zones. The K-8 car line starts at 3:15PM.

Parents of Students in Upper School and K-8:  

  • From now on, please use the Upper School Front Lot to loop around after dropping off your Upper School students.  You will need to be in the left lane and then when you reach the top of the unloading zone, you will turn left to enter the Upper School lot.  Coach Rader will be at the top of the Upper School lot and will let cars out to stack up in the K-8 car line when there is a break in traffic - this will save you from having to leave campus and turn left onto Salome Church.  If you are stacking up in the K-8 car line prior to 7:35AM, you will need to be in the left lane and will pull all the way around to the top of the K-8 unloading zone so as not to block the staff parking lot.

Parents of K-8 Students:

  • Please do not arrive on campus prior to 7:35AM as the K-8 car line loop will be used by the Upper School car line up until that time.  
  • Once you get in line to pick up your students, you cannot change lanes.  Your number has been entered in the order you arrived and your car has been assigned a zone.  Changing lanes will mean that your child is heading to a different zone than you are.
  • Parents with students attending tutoring- Please stay in the open lane, drop your student off for 7:25AM tutoring and proceed through the lane.