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Bradford Preparatory School

Mr. Ed provides 3rd Grade Robotics Program!

Mr. Ed is the grandfather of one of our 3rd-grade students and a hands-on volunteer at Bradford. Through his generosity and the help of a grant from his employer, Wells Fargo, he has implemented a robotics program modeled from the wonder workshop program. 125 students have had the opportunity to experience this project-based 3-month program.  Students have worked in groups and used team building and communication skills to program robots to accomplish a desired task.  One of the projects that the students chose to complete was to program the robots in ways to improve Bradford’s carpool system.  Students designed a system of sensors and programs to run a scaled-down carpool using the robots.  Students, along with Mr. Ed, have taken this robotics pilot program and applied real-life skills to it.  We are very thankful to Mr. Ed for providing this program for our students and for all of his volunteer hours and expertise. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students!

Quote from the students- "Programming is FUN!"

"This was kind of difficult in the beginning, but I didn't give up, and now I LOVE to program."  

Thank you Mr. Ed for facilitating this program!