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Bradford Preparatory School

9th Grade Bradford student Lacie Ostrander has illustrated a fantastic book titled. "Bowie's Looking Glass."

In April 2023, a family friend shared that she was writing a book to honor her son. Kayla Bonner's son has Autism and her goal was to create a book that would educate children on autism. Lacie was excited to participate in this project because she is also on the Autism Spectrum. Lacie shares that the book" teaches how to learn about others, how to accept everyone for who they are, and how to show kindness." Lacie and Kayla have never met in person. Kayla wrote the draft and mailed a copy to Lacie, and Lacie began the illustration process. Lacie completed the illustrations in the summer of 2023 and sent them to Kayla. Kayla LOVED what she saw, and took the illustrations and began working with the publishing team. In December of 2023, Lacie saw the finished book for the first time! Lacie shared that the book is selling on Amazon and through 1500 different websites. When I asked Lacie how she got started on this project, she said, "It was stressful at first, but once I got used to it, it was smooth sailing!"

From Amazon: "This book was written and illustrated by people who are on the spectrum, and our mission is to teach people about inclusion and spread autism awareness. Bowie's Looking Glass is an inspiring story about a boy who has found joy in his struggles and is happy despite the obstacles in his everyday life." "Bowie is different, different indeed, and he doesn't even use a lot of words to speak."

We are incredibly proud of Lacie for this incredible accomplishment, but we have been proud of Lacie for years. She is kind, compassionate, a talented artist, dancer, speaker, and absolutely one of the best friends anyone could ask for. She consistently reaches out to students and helps them feel special and included.

Lacie, congratulations on this incredible achievement! We can't wait to share your book with our students!