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Bradford Preparatory School

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Bradford Senior, Jordan Freeman, shares her Senior Seminar and college choice experience.

Jordan Freeman came to Bradford in 6th grade. Jordan's brother was in 4th grade and attended Bradford. She says she wanted to come to Bradford because her brother would come home with such great energy, and she wanted to be a part of that! And she liked how “everybody’s opinion was taken into consideration.” So, she enrolled through the sibling lottery and got in!

Jordan is currently a Senior and is taking the Senior Seminar Class. One of the main objectives of this class is to choose a career path and do research to determine if it is a career they would like to continue after graduation. Along with research, the student is required to secure an internship for at least 15 hours. Jordan was interested in architectural design but was having a difficult time finding an internship. Jordan is a student who works diligently, and as each month progressed, she says she was “feeling far behind, and that scared the daylights out of me!” In December, Jordan saw Mrs. Painter during Flex time, and she thought, “Maybe Mrs. Painter can help me.” Jordan reached out to Mrs. Painter and she was so excited when she heard that Mrs. Painter was happy to help her. Jordan had been rejected six times before reaching out to Mrs. Painter and she was feeling very defeated. Mrs. Painter showed up “as a guardian angel” and helped bring it all together. Mrs. Painter introduced Jordan to Mr. Tom Balke from Little Diversified Architect Consulting. Jordan wanted to do architecture since she was 9 years old and made her first house with Roblox Bloxburg. Jordan began shadowing Mr. Tom and loved using the firm’s computer program: “ I felt like I was using an adult version of Bloxburg.” Shadowing at the firm has turned into a paid part-time position for this upcoming summer. Jordan drives to the Architecture Firm, which is in Charlotte- I asked her if the drive was intimidating, and she said, “ I feel pretty comfortable driving in. I feel like I got some confidence from driving to Asheville for the Upper School camping trip.” We are so proud of Jordan, and we know she is going to LOVE her first job at Little Diversified Architect Consulting.

We're thrilled to announce that after years of dedication to softball, countless tournaments, networking, and perseverance through challenges, Jordan has earned a full scholarship to play softball at Gaston College while pursuing a major in Architectural Design. Her passion for softball aligns perfectly with her career aspirations.
Jordan, we are so proud of you and can't wait to see where your journey takes you!