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Victoria Pollard » Victoria Pollard, 5th Grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher

Victoria Pollard, 5th Grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher

Victoria Pollard graduated from Appalachian State University in 2003 with a degree in Elementary Education. Prior to teaching at Bradford she was a teacher in Union County. Victoria has taught English Language Arts in both fifth and sixth at Bradford since its inception, and this year she is adding social studies to the mix!  She lives in Matthews with her husband Jeremy, 2 year old son Boone, and five dogs. She enjoys the mountains, eating out, and reading.


Recent Posts

Week of January 7th through the 11th.

Happy first full week of January.  
This week in ELA and Social Studies we will be taking our NC check-ins and also working in our guided reading groups.  We will focus on setting reading goals, meeting goals, summarizing and main idea.  We have also begun running records again, afterwords, student's reading group could possible change.  
In social studies, we are working on slavery and the slave trade.   Please review your child's notes with them.  I am thinking we will have a test on slavery in the next week or so.  I will give you a specific date later.  
Also, later in the week I will be assigning a biography project.  This project will be worked on at school but will require some work (including reading the book) at home.  If your child wishes to purchase their own biography that is allowed and encouraged.  However, we have a number of well written biographies in the classroom library that may be checked out.  
Have a great week!

Week of 12-17 throught 12-20.

This week in reading we are working in minilessons on summarizing nonfiction texts.  We will also focus some more on annotating, particularly when it comes to reading our nonfiction books in guided reading groups.  
In social studies, we are learning about slavery.  
Vocabulary words from last week are:  
1. ajar (adj) partly open
If you leave the door ajar in the summertime, mosquitoes will end up in your kitchen. Other forms: Ajar can also be used as an adverb: The door was standing ajar.
2. annihilate (verb) to destroy completely; to leave in utter ruin
The nuclear bomb annihilated the city.
Synonyms: massacre, obliterate
Antonyms: help, preserve
Other forms: Anyone who challenges me to a dance competition faces total annihilation (noun).
3. avert (verb) 1. to turn away 2. to prevent
1. When Simone saw something gross on the TV, she always averted her eyes.
2. The two powerful countries barely averted a terrible war.
Synonyms: avoid, deter
4. canine (adj) of, or relating to, dogs
Even though Snuffles is a cat, she shows a canine-like loyalty to me.
Other forms: Canine can also be a noun meaning “a dog” or “the four pointy teeth that many animals
(including humans) have”: When the canine opened his mouth, I could see his sharp canines.
I hope everyone has a great week!

Week of 12-11 through 12-14

Howdy parents!
This week we will continue to work on our narrative nonfiction books by learning more about this genre in mini-lessons and working on unknown vocabulary and context clues in our guided reading center.  We also have a grammar/writing center, and an istation center so make sure your students have their ear buds/ earphones.  
In social studies we will continue to learn about the North Atlantic Slave Trade and will be reading as a class excerpts from "To be a Slave".  
In vocabulary we have started a new unit.   
Get any scholastic orders in ASAP and any donations for Kleenex tissue, Clorox Wipes,  and hand sanitizer are so appreciated.  
Congratulations and good luck to Sara Logan and Eden Justice for winning our classroom spelling bees.  They will compete against the rest of the school on Thursday.  
Have a great week!

Week of December 3-7

Happy first week of December everyone!
This week we are working on the North Atlantic Slave Trade in social studies.  
In ELA we will be working on narrative nonfiction and beginning our guided reading group books.  Vocabulary Quiz 3 is this Thursday.  
If your student would like to order any books from Scholastic, book orders are due by Friday the 7th.  
Cold and flu season is in full swing, so boxes of tissue, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes would be so appreciated.  
Have a great week!

Week of November 26-30

Good evening!
This week we will be finishing up the short story "The Lottery", by Shirley Jackson.  We began annotations just before the break and will also be working on vocabulary words from the story by letting students do an activity where they research a word they didn't know in a group and then teaching the meaning to the rest of the class.  We will also be discussing the story in groups as well.
On Wednesday, we will begin our guided reading novels and a unit on Narrative Nonfiction.  I am very excited to begin this unit and know we will discover a lot from these memoirs and biographies.  
Our vocabulary quiz will be next week on Wednesday and I will send out a message about that on sangha within the next couple of days.  
In the meantime, here are the next vocabulary words so that you can still be studying at home.  We have four more to go this week.  
6. firebrand (noun) a troublemaker; someone who encourages others to rebel
Synonyms: rebel, agitator
7. gravity (noun) 1. very serious nature or manner 2. the force by which all objects in the universe are attracted to each other 1. Chloe didn’t realize the gravity of her dad’s illness until he was rushed to the hospital. 2. There is less gravity on the moon, so astronauts have been able to hop along the surface like kangaroos. Synonyms: 1. importance, severity, seriousness Antonyms: 1. unimportance, silliness Other forms: With so much gravitation (noun), Jupiter sucked the space ship into its gravitational (adj) field. As a verb, gravitate can mean “to be naturally drawn toward/attracted to”: I don’t tend to gravitate (verb) toward science, though; I prefer history.
8. magnetic (adj) 1. having the power to attract 2. being able to attract iron 1. Ronda has a magnetic personality, which is probably why she’s so popular. 2. Some metals are more magnetic than others. Synonyms: 1. alluring Antonyms: 1. uninteresting, repellent Other forms: My fridge is covered in magnets (noun).
9. mirth (noun) joy, fun and laughter There was so much mirth around the Thanksgiving table; everyone seemed to be smiling and enjoying themselves. Synonyms: glee, hilarity Antonyms: sadness, distress
10. quench (verb) 1. to satisfy 2. to extinguish or put out If I’ve been at cheerleading practice and I’m thirsty, for some reason milk just doesn’t quench my thirst. 2. Luckily, the firefighters were able to quench the car fire. Synonyms: 1. relieve 2. put down

Week of November 13-16

This week we will reading working mainly on preparing for biz town.  We (most of us, the rest will get them tomorrow) have been given our jobs and we will be preparing to do our jobs next week and finishing up work in our books.  
We will also be learning to annotate our reading through short stories.  A letter was sent home on Friday that gave the titles of our first guided reading novels that we will be reading in class.  I will post the titles and links to the amazon page where they can be purchased tomorrow.  
Here are the first five vocabulary words from unit 3.  
1. acquire (verb) gain ownership of something; to obtain by one’s own actions
Only once he became the spokesperson for a brand of cereal could the rapper finally acquire the yellow sports car he always wanted. Synonyms: obtain Antonyms: lose, forfeit
2. aspire (verb) to desire something eagerly, especially something important or in the future
Beyoncé always aspired to be a singer, but she never knew she’d become an actress as well. Synonyms: yearn, long for Other forms: Even though Jojoba was young, he had lots of big aspirations (noun).
3. chorus (noun) 1. a group of people trained to sing together 2. the part of a song that’s repeated after each verse
1. The chorus was invited to sing at the White House. 2. The chorus to that song is so catchy! Synonyms: 1. choir 2. hook Other forms: Some choral (adj) concerts are pretty amazing.
4. conjure (verb) to make something happen or come into being as though by magic
The basketball captain announced that the team would have to conjure up $200 this year to pay for uniforms. Synonyms: summon Other forms: A conjurer (noun) is a magician who makes things appear.
5. defy (verb) 1. to resist efforts at 2. to refuse to obey 1. This puzzle is known to defy solving. Don’t even waste your time trying to find the solution! 2. The disobedient boy was always doing something to defy his father’s rules. Synonyms: 2. disobey, ignore

Week of November 5-9

How is it November already and the beginning of the second 9 weeks?  
This week we will be looking at theme in depth and really analyzing "All Summer in a Day".  We are now in our guided reading groups and we will be focusing on theme in those groups as well.  By the end of the week we will doing a check in on "All Summer in a Day" as well.  We will also be taking our second Istation assessment so please make sure that your students have their ear buds this week.  
In Social Studies we will be learning all about the jobs that are available and students will begin deciding which jobs they are interested in.  
We have also started our new vocabulary list and I will post next week the words that we have worked on so far, but as always your children should have the words daily in their reading notebooks.  
Have a great week!

Week of October 29-31

This week we are still working on the elements of short stories with emphasis on theme during class and setting and theme in guided reading.  We have a vocabulary test on Tuesday on our vocabulary units 1-2 and the end of the 9 weeks is Tuesday as well.  I look forward to seeing you all at conferences and don't forget that Bradford's annual campaign ends Wednesday with book character day!  Also, the book fair is open so come check out what it has to offer.  
Have a great week!

Week of October 22-26.

Happy Sunday everyone!  This week we will be reading a new short story (All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury, one of my favorites!).  We will be focusing on setting and theme.  We will be finally be getting into our guided reading groups as well as working in centers.  We will also be completing IStation assessments at some point this week, so if you will please make sure your child has their ear buds at school.  
As always make sure that your child is reading at least 20 minutes a night.
We have a vocabulary quiz this Thursday on unit 2 and a test on units one and two on the 30th.  
Have a great week!

Week of October 15-19

This week we will be continuing our work on short stories and elements of short stories.  We will focus on characters this week, as well as plot and types of conflict.  In social studies we will be working on Biz Town.  We also hope to begin our guided reading groups this week as well.  
On Monday and Wednesday we will be taking part in the NC Check in test in ELA and math.  These test will take place in the morning and schedules will reflect that so we can see both blocks.  
If you would like to order from Scholastic, please do so by Friday the 19th.  
Have a great week and don't forget to support Bradford's Annual Campaign!

Week of October 9-12

This week we will be beginning our short story unit and learning about the 5 parts of a story: plot, character, conflict, theme, and setting.  We will be reading the story "Charles" by Shirley Jackson, one of my favorites.  We will be exploring the parts of a story through this short story.  We will also be working in centers this week and reading independently.  In social studies we will continue to work on citizenship through the Biz Town curriculum.  
Remember to have your child read 20 minutes a night and to study vocabulary for about 5 minutes a night.  There words are in their notebooks, but I will also post the words on here for your convenience.  
Watch for several grades to be posted this week.  I meant to post them over the weekend, and completely forgot my bag at school.  That's just how I roll.  :-(  
Also, if you would like, please look over the book orders and order books online if you would like.  I would love the orders to be in by the end of next week so we can get them in before the end of the month.  
Have a great week!

Week of October 3-4

This week we are finishing up last week's centers and finishing up our first 20 days of reading strategy lessons.  We will be turning in the centers tomorrow (Thursday) and working on an assessment of strategies on Thursday.  In social studies we are working on Biz Town and learning about citizenship and entrepreneurship!  We are having a lot of fun!    
Book orders for October went out last Friday but I have extra copies in my classroom!  Last month we were able to get four free books and two six book guided reading books sets for the classroom thanks to the orders of just three students!  Thank you!  Amazing!
Have a great week and long weekend!

vocabulary list 1 week 1

Hello fifth grade families!  This week we are working on inferences, predictions, asking questions, reading several great stories together, commonly misspelled words (there, their, and they're)  and cardinal directions.  We have our first vocabulary quiz on Friday and the words are attached.  Students also have these in their reader's notebooks.  Students are getting a study guide today.  Have a great week!