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Bradford Preparatory School

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Victoria Pollard, 6th Grade ELA Teacher

Victoria Pollard graduated from Appalachian State University in 2003 with a degree in Elementary Education. Prior to teaching at Bradford she was a teacher in Union County. Victoria has taught English Language Arts in both fifth and sixth at Bradford since its inception.   She lives in Matthews with her husband Jeremy, 2 year old son Boone, and four dogs. She enjoys the mountains, eating out, and reading.



Reminder: Test tomorrow

Study guides will be taken up before the test.  I will be giving a classwork grade for this so make sure your child has their copy when they leave in the morning.  

Test Friday (3-6)

We have our Unit 2 test on Friday.  Study guides have now been completed and these questions are straight from the test.  Make sure your child studies the answers (I will give them the correct answers today in class).
Have a great day!

Week of November 25-26

This week we will be trying our best to finish up subunit 3.  We are focusing on argumentative writing in these last lessons and still reading in Boy.  I think we will be taking the unit test the week we return from break or early the week after.  
I hope everyone has a great break.  Happy Thanksgiving!

The week of 11-12 through 11-15.

This week we will be working on writing dialogue, creating characters, and point of view.  No quizzes this week, but do check your child's agenda each night to see if there is a homework assignment.  
Have a great week!

Study guide answers for 11-8 quiz

1.  compund
2.  simple
3.  simple
4.  simple
5.  simple
1.  compound
2.  simple
3.  simple
4.  compound
5.  compound
6.  simple
7. compound
8.  compound
9. simple
10.  compound
54. 1
1.  b. false
2.  a.   true
3.  c.  you should add lots of toppings
4.  c.  but not without lots of toppings
5.  b.  After Andi studied

Week of 11-4 through 11-8

This week students will be working on citing direct quotes and dialogue from the text.  We are still working on making claims about our reading and backing the claim up with evidence in Amplify.
Also, if you are having trouble with amplify at home here is a tip:  Do not use the clever app.  Instead open your google chrome browser and go to
Then have students login from the sign in link at the top.  
Quiz on simple, compound, and complex sentences on Friday.  Students should use the fortune teller we created in class last week as their study guides. 
Thanks!  Have a great week.

Week of October 28-30th

This week we will be working on Simple vs Complex sentences in first and second block.
This week we will be working on using evidence from a text (such as direct quotes) in argumentative writing during fifth, sixth, and seventh periods.  
As always, please check your child's agenda each night for homework information.  Also, students should be reading at least 20 minutes a night independently.  

Week of October 21-25

This week we will be working on the Amplify curriculum.  Each class is in a slightly different place but we are all working on Unit 1 sub-unit 3.  
Please make sure you are looking at your child's agenda each night and that your child is reading independently each night as well.
Have a great week!  My office hours are Thursday at 7:15 by appointment.  This is a time to help students.  :-)