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Hannah Brown, 6th Grade ELA

I am a graduate of UNC-Charlotte with a Bachelors in English and a minor in Theater. My studies and research at UNC-Charlotte inspired me to pursue graduate work that would help prepare me to teach the next generation of young minds how to think critically and analytically about the world around them. I am currently a 2nd year graduate student at UNC-Charlotte pursuing a double Masters in English Literature and Technical Writing. I have a passion for many different aspects of literature including, Modern American Warfare literature, Children’s literature, and Shakespeare studies. I love traveling and exploring different cities, states, and countries! I am OBSESSED with all things Harry Potter, GO HUFFLEPUFF! I am looking forward to this school year at Bradford and all the adventures our 6th grade students will be taking in this year.


Recent Posts

Happy New Year

Happy New Years All,
I just wanted to touch base with everyone because the end of the 2nd quarter is approaching. Any outstanding or missing work must be submitted to me no later than Friday, Jan 11 if they would like to receive credit for their work. The reason this is a hard deadline is that I will not be here Jan 14-17 and I must have my grades submitted before I leave. Please check PowerSchool and talk with your student if they have any missing graded work that needs to be turned in.
We are continuing our Greek Mythology Unit through the month of January and I will continue to post up their work on my Bradford teacher paper if you would like to see the work we are doing in class. This unit is ideal because it allows for a mix of vocabulary work, reading comprehension, and creative writing. There will be a unit test on Greek Mythology, and the date of that test will be posted soon. I will post all review sheets up on my teacher page when I return.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Paper Information

I have received several emails asking questions about Paper#1 Rough Draft so I am going to try and clear up everything here: 1. Students need to complete their conclusion paragraphs for HW tonight. I will help edit these paragraphs in class tomorrow, just like I did with the intro paragraphs.
2. I will NOT be editing all of the body paragraphs. I gave students the opportunity to work on them over their break and email them to me if they wish to have me look over them. Unfortunately, due to time I do not have the ability to edit all 130 student's essays before Thursday. Please look over and help your student edit their body paragraphs. They need to be checked for proper noun capitalization, punctuation, complete sentences, and MLA format.
3. I have given students all the tools they need to be able to complete Paper #2 on their own. I will not be working on this in class with them. Please help your student by looking over and helping them edit their papers before the due date.
Side Notes: Today we worked on using google Doc to type their Paper #1. I did this because they will need to turn in a copy of their paper to both Ms. Bellinger and myself. They will either need to print 2 copies of their paper or hand write 2 copies of their paper. Ms. Bellinger will be grading content and information and I will be grading spelling, grammar, punctuation, and MLA format.
Some students did not have a google email account, if they do not have an account can you please help them set this up this evening. They will be given time in class tomorrow to type their papers. If you do not have the ability to print your student's paper, you can email a copy of the paper to me and I will make sure it gets printed out. My teacher gmail account is

Body Paragraphs

Here is the PowerPoint presentation that was shown in class today to help the students write their body paragraphs. If you need a reference to help guide your students while they write, please refer back to this. 

Vocabulary Words #4

Students have been given these words in class today. The vocabulary quiz will be on Friday November 30th. 
Students are responsible for the definitions and the spelling of the words.

Vocabulary Quiz Re-take

Hello 6th Grade Family-
Today we had our 3rd vocabulary quiz for the year, and the scores were rather shocking. It was very apparent to me that many students did not take the time to study for this quiz.
Please check PowerSchool this evening, and if your student received a 79 or below, they will have an opportunity to retake the quiz on Monday.
This will be the only time I allow students to retake a vocabulary quiz. Please understand that I do not have to let them retake this quiz, and I am only doing it because I understand that some might be having a hard time balancing their paper project, homework, and studying. Students are given their words for over a week, and have plenty of time to study. Please note that both of their grades will be going in the grade book, and they are both weighted equally.
Please make sure your students takes the time to study over the weekend if they have been given the chance to retake the quiz.
I hope in the future students take this quiz more seriously, and study for it ahead of time.