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Bradford Preparatory School

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Lesli Gration, Middle School EC Teacher

Mrs. Gration graduated with her Bachelors degree from Clemson University and will complete her Masters in Teaching from UNCC this Fall. She has been in the classroom for the past 13 years as a substitute teacher in elementary, middle and high school. For the past 3 years she has worked as a TA at Lake Norman Charter Middle school. Lesli lives in Charlotte with her husband, Pete and they will be empty nesters this year. Her eldest daughter, Abbie, graduated from UNC with a Masters in Accounting, her daughter Melissa, is a senior at UNC and her son Thomas is a freshman at Appalachian State. Lesli enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and traveling to new places.


Week of 4/27 thru 5/1

Monday- Pythagorean Theorem (Review)
Tuesday - Quiz
Wednesday - Area of 2D shapes
Thursday - Area of 2D Shapes(word problems)
Friday - ALEKS

Weeks of 3/9 thru 3/13 AND 3/16 thru 3/22 (Math 8)

Week of 3-9 thru 3-13

3/9  Reflections and coordinates  18-3

3/10 Rotations and coordinates  18-4

3/12 Practice Problems

Quiz on Lesson 18

Intro into Similar Figures 20-1


Week 3-16 thru 3-22

3/16  Properties of similar triangles 20-2 (Introduction to project)

3/17 Stretching and shrinking  21-1

3/18  Effects of scale Figures  21-2

3/19 Project

3/18 Project due (for test grade)


Week of 3/2 to 3/6 Math 8 Resource

Monday  - Lesson 17-1 Angles in a Triangle

Tuesday - Lesson 17-2 Exterior Angles

Wednesday- Lesson 17 Practice Problems

Thursday - Embedded Assessment

Friday - Intro to Transformation

Upcoming Assignments for 8th grade Math Resource

February:  2/3 thru 2/7

Lesson 14-1,Lesson 14-2     Solving linear equations by graphing

Review for Unit 2 Test - Graphing slope and y-intercept, linear equations

2/7 - Stain-glass Slope project (due date)

February: 2/10 thru 2/14

Unit 2 test – Graphing slope and y-intercept, linear equations

Unit 3 Intro

2/14 – No school

February: 2/17 thru 2/21

2/17 – No school

Lesson 16-1 Complementary and Supplementary

February: 2/24 thru 2/28

Lesson 16-2 Angles formed by Parallel Lines

Lesson 17-1 Angles in a Triangle

Lesson 17-2 Exterior Angles

Lesson 17 Practice Problems


Upcoming assignments for 8th grade resource math

Here's an overview of whats happening this month Jan.6th - Jan 31st
Week of Jan. 6th - Jan 10th: Exploring Slope: Unit 2 Lesson 11-1, and 11- 2
Springboard pp. 133-146  
Jan 10th-  Lesson 11 Quiz
Week of Jan 13 - Jan 17 : Identifying Slope Using Tables and Graphs Lesson 12-1, 12-2, 12-3
Springboard pp. 147 - 160
Jan 16- End of Q2
Jan 17 - Lesson 12 Quiz
Week of Jan 20 - Jan 24: Linear Proportional Relationships Lesson 13-1
Springboard pp. 161-165
Jan 20 - School Holiday
Jan 21, 22 - Teacher/Parent Conferences
Week of Jan 27 - Jan 31: Directly Proportional Relationships Lesson 13-2
                                         Understanding Solutions to Linear Systems 14-1
Springboard  pp. 166-173   and pp. 177-181
Jan 29 - Embedded Assessment

Week of 12/9 and Week of 12/16 - 8th grade math

Lets finish strong these last two weeks before winter break
We will  be continuing working on Equations With Variables on both sides of the equation. 10-2 and then moving on to Linear Equations and Slope
Important Dates: 12/13  Quiz on 10-1, and 10-2
                            12/19 Quiz on 11-1

Upcoming week- Nov. 25 and Nov. 26

Math 8 Resource - We will continue solving and evaluating equations. Remember, no school on Nov.27,28, and 29 for Thanksgiving Break. 
I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday as we count our many blessings...." From them will come songs of thanksgiving and the sound of rejoicing"

Week of Nov. 18 thru Nov. 22

7th Grade:   7th graders who need to retake the math quiz will have an opportunity next Monday, Nov. 25.  In order to retake it they must attend one working lunch this week with Ms. Weaks or Ms. Desmidt. 
8th Grade Math Resource: Great job on your Scientific Notation Projects! This week we have started Unit 2 on Algebraic expressions; Properties of Operation;Solving Two-step Equations; and Linear Equations and Slope.

Upcoming 8th grade Math Resource assignments- 11/4-11/15

Study Guide for Exponents Quiz - due on 11/8
Exponents Quiz - Friday 11/8
Scientific Notation project - due on 11/15

Math 8th graders- upcoming test Oct. 21-Oct. 25

Study Guide  will be due on Wednesday Oct. 23
Unit 1 Test will be on Thursday October 24

Upcoming weekly quizzes/test for 7th grade

Week of Oct 14 - 18th
Math Unit 1 test - Oct. 16
Science Vocabulary Quiz -  Oct. 17