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Drivers Education Classes

Driving School

If your student is at least 14 ½ years old, they may register to take Driver Education through Jordan Driving School Charlotte. Residency in Mecklenburg County does not determine Driver Education eligibility; where the student attends school is the determining factor and since Bradford Prep is in Mecklenburg County, students attending our school take Driver's Ed through Jordan Driving School.  

Classes are held on nearby traditional public school campuses such as Mallard Creek High School and Vance High School. Once students have completed both the classroom piece and the driving portion, they are able to apply for a Learners Permit at the DMV when they turn 15 years old.  Students must bring a Driving Eligibility Certificate with them when they apply for the Learner’s Permit. 


Requesting a Driving Eligibility Certificate from Bradford Prep

Upon successful completion of a Driver Education program, the student may obtain a Driving Eligibility Certificate from the Upper School front office.  Students must have made adequate academic progress (pass at least 5 courses each semester and meet promotion standards established by the School)  to qualify for a Driving Eligibility Certificate. Please allow 72 hours from the time you request the certificate in the front office to the time you pick it up.


Maintaining Drivers License

There are three reasons why a Driver Eligibility Certificate could be revoked per NC State Law.

Dropping Out of School Prior to Age 18

As of Aug. 1, 1998, any public, private, federal, home-schooled, or community college student under age 18 who does not make adequate academic progress or drops out of school will have their driving permit or provisional license revoked. (§ 20-11) Under the Dropout Prevention Guidelines, a dropout student is one who has withdrawn from school before the end of the academic term and whose enrollment in an educational setting cannot be verified for 30 days. Parents should be notified in writing that the student's Driver Eligibility Certificate will be revoked. Parents may submit a hardship request to the principal or principal's designee to maintain the student's Driving Eligibility status. 

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action includes an expulsion, a suspension for more than 10 consecutive days, or an assignment to an alternative educational setting for more than 10 consecutive days. (§ 20-11(n1)) Under the Lose Control/Lose License guidelines, the Driving Eligibility Certificate is revoked for one year. Unlike the Dropout Prevention guidelines that end when a student turns age 18, the revocation of a Driving Eligibility Certificate for disciplinary action can extend beyond age 18 if the disciplinary action took place during the time the student was age 17. 

Not Making Adequate Academic Progress

At the end of each semester, students not passing 70% of the maximum possible courses are identified (must be passing 5 courses at Bradford Prep). Parents are notified that the student is not making adequate academic progress and have the option of submitting a hardship request to the principal or principal's designee to maintain the student's Driving Eligibility.