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Bradford Preparatory School

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Uniform Policy & Dress Code

Monday - Thursday Uniform Guidelines

  • Students are required to follow the Uniform Policy as outlined on the grade level tabs to the right from Monday - Thursday unless otherwise specified by an administrator.  
  • Every student should have at least one navy blue polo shirt with the Bradford Prep logo (with or without the tree) purchased from Lands' End as well as khaki bottoms to be worn with it.  Logoed navy blue uniform shirts should be worn on field trips, for schoolwide events and on specified days as directed by the school administration. If the student does not have a logoed shirt, a navy blue polo shirt can be worn in place of a logoed navy polo shirt.
  • Parents are welcome to purchase uniforms items from any local retailer; however all logoed apparel must be purchased from Lands' End.  
  • PE Uniforms can only be worn during PE class. 
  • No rolling backpacks without a note from the doctor stating the student has a medical requirement for a rolling backpack.
  • Students may wear earrings but not body piercings beyond a nose stud.
  • Uniform attire may not have a store name or logo bigger than 2” on the lapel of the shirt or jacket.
Athletics Game Day Dress Code

To ensure a positive impression of the Bradford Prep School Athletic Program and its participants (including all BPS sponsored teams) amongst the school and community, each program will have this game day dress code for its athletes.  All athletes must adhere to the Game Day Dress Code as outlined on the tab to the right on game days.


Dress Code for All Bradford Prep Related Events and Free Dress Days

The purpose of the dress code is to clearly identify appropriate attire for all of our students when attending any Bradford Prep related event (athletic events are the exception) or on a non-uniform day.  Bradford Prep's Dress Code can be found on the tab to the right.

Dress Code for All Bradford Related Formal/Dressy Events
Bradford Prep recognizes the need for guidelines as it pertains to attire for special events such as Middle and Upper School dances or Honor Society Inductions.  Students (and their dates) must adhere to the guidelines that can be found by clicking the appropriate tab to the right.

Consequences for violating the BPS Uniform and Dress Code Policies
Failure to comply with the School’s uniform policy and/or dress code are violations of the Student Code of Conduct.  Please see Student Code of Conduct section in the handbook for full list of consequences as well as the tab to the right with additional detail regarding this.